Walmart to launch in-home grocery delivery in three cities, starting this fall

Walmart  on Friday announced plans for a new, in-home grocery delivery service that would allow the retailer to deliver items directly to a customer’s fridge or freezer, even when the customer isn’t home. The service, called InHome Delivery, works by way of smart entry technology combined with proprietary cameras worn by the delivery associates that let the customer closely […]

Self-driving delivery van startup Gatik AI comes out of stealth with Walmart partnership

Gatik AI,  an autonomous vehicle startup that came out of stealth Thursday with $4.5 million in funding and Walmart  as a customer, is aiming for the sweet middle spot in the world of logistics. The company, which operates out of Palo Alto and Toronto, isn’t deploying autonomous delivery bots built for sidewalks, nor is it aiming for self-driving […]

Walmart ends delivery partnership with Deliv

Walmart  in 2016 said it would begin testing last-mile delivery using services like Uber, Lyft, and Deliv to bring customers’ orders, including groceries and Sam’s Club orders, to their homes. Last year, Walmart ended its grocery delivery deal with Uber following a similar wind-down with Lyft, and today it’s ending the deal with Deliv as well, according to a […]

Walmart adds four grocery delivery partners

Walmart  has partnered with Point Pickup, Skipcart, AxleHire and Roadie to expand its grocery delivery program across four states. Walmart’s grocery delivery is currently available in more than 800 stores, and plans to be in 800 more this year. To use Walmart’s delivery program, customers go online, place an order and then select a delivery window. […]

Walmart taps startup Udelv to test autonomous grocery deliveries in Arizona

More autonomous vehicles are poised to descend on Arizona. This time, Walmart  has signed a deal with startup Udelv to test the use of autonomous vans to deliver online grocery orders to customers. Under the agreement, Udelv will provide its second-generation autonomous delivery van, called the Newton, to Walmart to deliver groceries in Surprise, Arizona. The trial […]

Ford partners with Walmart and Postmates to test autonomous grocery delivery

Ford is partnering with Walmart  and Postmates to test the business of delivering goods like groceries and pet food using self-driving vehicles. The pilot project is focused on Miami-Dade County, according to Ford’s announcement Wednesday. This is an area where Ford is already embedded and testing out what a commercial self-driving vehicle business might look like through collaborations with […]

Walmart partners with delivery logistics platform Bringg on last-mile grocery delivery

Walmart  announced on Wednesday a new last-mile delivery pilot program, called Spark Delivery, which focuses on fulfilling customers’ online grocery orders. The retailer is working with delivery logistics platform Bringg, a company that offers an Uber-like or Amazon-like level of visibility to retailers’ delivery operations. Also similar to Uber, Walmart’s  Spark delivery program relies on a crowdsourced workforce. […]

Walmart shutters delivery partnerships with Uber, Lyft

Brief: Walmart ended its grocery delivery partnerships with ride-hailing services Uber and Lyft, undercutting the chain’s plans to take on Amazon with quick delivery of food and household items to customers’ homes, Reuters reported. The decision marks an abrupt end to a relationship that Walmart and Uber touted in June 2016. Uber ended the arrangement as […]

DoorDash makes a big push into grocery delivery through a pilot program with Walmart

DoorDash  is about to make a huge move into grocery delivery, but instead of going all out as a delivery service on its own, it’s instead going to be working behind the scenes to power delivery networks for larger companies — with Walmart as its first big partner. While Instacart  looks to control the end-to-end customer experience for […]

Walmart partners with Postmates on grocery delivery

Walmart  is expanding its grocery delivering business with the help from new partner, Postmates, the retailer announced this morning. Postmates will initially begin Walmart Online Grocery Delivery in Charlotte, North Carolina with plans to reach other markets in the months ahead. Postmates  joins Walmart’s existing delivery partners Uber and Deliv, who have been helping Walmart test deliveries in select markets, […]