DoorDash Has All The Makings Of The “Next Amazon”

Amazon’s future looked bleak after the tech bubble burst earlier that year. The online shopping pioneer was hemorrhaging cash, forcing it to cut 15% of its workforce. Top fund managers cut Amazon from their portfolios. And over the following year, its stock price sank from $105 to $5. In 2000, Amazon was a small online store selling […]

Thanx CEO Calls for 3PD Regulation, Federal Action for Restaurants

Before publishing his second long-form article on the future of restaurants and delivery, Thanx CEO Zach Goldstein had become one of the most visible thought leaders in the space. One year after his “The Four Horsemen of the Delivery Apocalypse” lit up industry LinkedIn pages, Goldstein’s latest manifesto calls for further regulation of third-party delivery […]

DoorDash takes a hefty cut from restaurants, and risks losing them to cheaper options

DoorDash’s commissions, which can reach 30% of an order, are too high for many restaurants to bear. The company’s revenue growth reached 268% in the third quarter as more restaurants turned to delivery to stay in business. “I’d rather spend those marketing dollars to get people directly,” said Salvatore Reina, owner of three Francesca pizzerias […]

DoorDash delivers 86% gain in stock market debut

DoorDash shares soared in its initial public offering Wednesday, capping a year of explosive growth for the food delivery company. What’s not yet clear is whether DoorDash can keep the momentum going even if delivery demand eases in a post-pandemic world. The San Francisco-based company raised $3.4 billion in the offering, making it the second […]

Restaurant Industry Warns Of “Economic Free Fall” As 110,000 Eateries And Counting Are Permanently Shuttered

The National Restaurant Association (NRA) sent a damning letter to Congress today (Dec. 7) addressing the collapse of more than one hundred thousand restaurants across the country this year because of the virus pandemic. In just the last three months, the letter said more than 10,000 eateries have closed, and thousands of others are in “economic freefall.”  The […]

DoorDash: The Most Ridiculous IPO Of 2020

Is it a coincidence that DoorDash (DASH) filed for its IPO so soon after vaccines for COVID-19 were announced? I think DoorDash’s current investors and bankers recognize that the window of opportunity to IPO this terrible business closes quickly when the threat of COVID-driven lockdowns no longer drives growth in food delivery demand. With the latest S-1 […]

Restaurant owners may not like delivery services – but can they do without them?

If you take a look at my smartphone, you’ll know that I like to order out. I have Grubhub, Caviar, Uber Eats and DoorDash right on my home screen. Because of Covid, I’ve rationalized my family’s increase in takeout orders as our little way of helping the local restaurants who have been suffering all year […]

Grubhub: Justeats Bet On The Wrong Horse

Summary Grubhub stock will be moving towards $75.15 in H121 (from the current price of $74) as the merger with Justeats gets regulatory approval. The foodtech market in general is a “winner takes all market” with companies striving to gain >50% market share. Grubhub has been the biggest loser in the food-delivery space as Doordash […]


DoorDash is poised to be the second hottest IPO of the year behind only AirBnb. To get you ready, we’ve scrubbed the IPO filing (S-1) to put together the three pillars that are critical to the success of the company. If any pillar crumbles, so will DoorDash. To do it we’re using visuals, six to […]

DoorDash: Peeling Back The Onion And I’m Not Crying

Summary Food delivery is just table stakes, DoorDash wants to deliver eventually all things to its consumers. DoorDash is EBITDA positive and is generating positive contribution profit per order. In 2018 and 2019, growth is driven by existing consumers. During COVID, DoorDash acquired the highest value consumers compared to the industry. The Elevator Pitch What […]