Uber, Grubhub, and DoorDash Under Scrutiny as the Industry Consolidates

Uber Technologies (NYSE:UBER) is buying Postmates and the ride-hailing businesses of BMW and Daimler, while Just Eat Takeaway.com is buying Grubhub (NYSE:GRUB). DoorDash previously acquired Caviar. Lining up against delivery California just banned the practice of adding restaurants to third-party delivery apps that the services don’t have a relationship with. Restaurants that didn’t offer their own delivery service as a means of controlling the […]

Denver restaurateurs share why third-party delivery regulation was necessary

The problems started for Giles Flanagin, cofounder of Blue Pan Pizza, when Postmates marked up his menu prices 10% this year without asking his permission. Then came issues with third-party delivery drivers. One came into his Denver restaurant demanding to go to the front of the line, and another refused to wear a mask when she […]

Waitr’s Footprint and Fintech Make for an Appetizing Takeover Target

When it comes to regional expansion, Uber Technologies, Inc., Just Eat Takeaway, and Doordash tend to take big bites. Who might be their next M&A target? One prime candidate to consider is food ordering and delivery business Waitr Holdings, Inc., which connects local restaurants to diners in underserved markets where it usually has a dominant […]


For most restaurants, third-party delivery has become an inescapable reality amid the coronavirus pandemic and changing consumer habits.  While platforms such as Grubhub, Uber Eats and DoorDash have helped many restaurants stay afloat, operators still bridle at delivery commissions as high as 30% per order. Meanwhile, the services themselves remain unprofitable, even as revenues skyrocket.  That has […]

Delivery by the numbers: What third-party platforms are offering restaurants to survive the pandemic

As restaurants struggle to keep their operations chugging through dining room closures and capacity restrictions, major third-party delivery platforms have rolled out new discounts and resources for their partners.  It’s a reflection of the tenuous, and sometimes fraught, relationship between restaurant and delivery provider. According to Yelp data, restaurants have been permanently closing at a 60% rate […]

Food deliveries booming in pandemic while other parts of ‘gig economy’ not in demand

Just like other sectors of the workforce, the “gig economy” hasn’t been able to navigate the coronavirus pandemic unscathed — but some independent contractors are far more in demand than others. Unlike a traditional job that pays a salary and benefits, gig workers are paid by the job — or the “gig” — and leverage […]

SeeLevel HX Unveils Its Third, 3rd-Party Delivery Satisfaction Survey

Because everything in the restaurant universe seems like a roll of the dice these days, SeeLevel HX’s title for its FODC presentation on its latest survey, “Are you gambling on your customers?”, seems apropos. Vice President of Operations and Partner Donna Goodwin gave an overview of the survey results along with moderator Nicholas Upton, news […]

Waitr CEO Dishes On The Future Of Foodservice Delivery, Including Further Consolidation

Waitr did something in Q2 that few foodservice delivery companies have ever done.   It turned a profit.   The Louisiana-based company, which counts over 2 million active diners, reported net income for the second quarter of $10.7 million, versus a loss of $24.9 million during the same period last year.    Waitr’s results come after a tumultuous […]

Food delivery service app Bite Squad grows Orlando presence with new jobs

A Minneapolis-based food delivery service is ramping up its growth in Orlando with lots of new jobs. Bite Squad plans to hire more than 200 contract drivers in the metro area. That comes as restaurants have seen an increase in take-out and delivery orders due to the Covid-19 pandemic. “These positions not only will help […]


The pandemic has sent restaurant delivery into overdrive.  That became ever more clear in recent weeks as Grubhub and Uber Eats, two of the biggest third-party delivery companies, reported massive jumps across virtually every metric: Revenue, orders, new users and restaurant partners all rose significantly from April to June. “Given the strength we continue to […]