Waitr’s Footprint and Fintech Make for an Appetizing Takeover Target

When it comes to regional expansion, Uber Technologies, Inc., Just Eat Takeaway, and Doordash tend to take big bites. Who might be their next M&A target? One prime candidate to consider is food ordering and delivery business Waitr Holdings, Inc., which connects local restaurants to diners in underserved markets where it usually has a dominant […]

Foodpanda Launches in Japan, Upping Rivalry With Uber

(Bloomberg) — Delivery Hero SE’s Foodpanda is launching operations in Japan Thursday, expanding its Asian footprint to the world’s No. 3 economy. The company will roll out its meal delivery services in six Japanese cities in a first phase, including Kobe, Yokohama and Nagoya, Jakob Angele, Foodpanda’s Asia Pacific chief executive officer, told Bloomberg TV’s […]


DoorDash becomes the chicken chain’s largest delivery provider after an exclusive deal with Grubhub fell apart. KFC is expanding its off-premise offering by partnering with DoorDash at nearly 3,000 locations, the companies announced Monday. DoorDash will become the chicken chain’s largest delivery provider, covering about 75% of its U.S. stores.  The news follows the end of […]

SeeLevel HX Unveils Its Third, 3rd-Party Delivery Satisfaction Survey

Because everything in the restaurant universe seems like a roll of the dice these days, SeeLevel HX’s title for its FODC presentation on its latest survey, “Are you gambling on your customers?”, seems apropos. Vice President of Operations and Partner Donna Goodwin gave an overview of the survey results along with moderator Nicholas Upton, news […]

Why a DoorDash IPO Might not Deliver for Investors

Food delivery leader DoorDash filed for an initial public offering in February, which was bad timing for a listing announcement, but prescient since it would benefit from the lockdown orders that would soon follow. While its market debut was delayed, the company still seems to be preparing for a public entrance as it raised $400 […]

How food delivery upstarts are fighting the tyranny of Grubhub

“The pandemic really just crushed us,” says Sean Li, cofounder of CaterCow, a platform that partners with restaurants to deliver big batch buffet-like food options primarily to offices and event spaces across eight major U.S. cities. When most nonessential businesses shut their doors in mid-March and people started working from their living rooms, Li says he […]

Delivery wars: How will DoorDash maintain its third-party delivery lead

Competition among third-party delivery companies is growing stronger by the day. Grubhub was recently gobbled up by Just Eat Takeaway from the Netherlands. Uber Technologies, snubbed by Grubhub, is instead buying Postmates. What does that mean for the No. 1 delivery player in the U.S., DoorDash? “I think it’s exciting times in the delivery space,” Tom Pickett, […]

‘Ruthlessly woke’: How Uber can redeem itself—and demolish Lyft

The first time I met Travis Kalanick, the cofounder and then CEO of Uber, he explained his vision in three blunt sentences: “One day, no one will own a car. Cars will drive themselves. And they’ll come to you at the push of a button.” Like any venture capitalist, I hear endless pitches from starry-eyed […]

How the Uber and Postmates Merger Impacts the Industry

The food delivery market is quickly changing, and restaurateurs nationwide are left wondering how this evolution will affect their industry. On Monday, Uber and Postmates officially announced their $2.65 billion merger, which is scheduled to close in Q1 of 2021. This means the U.S. third-party delivery market has slimmed from four major players to three, with […]

Uber Eats offers NYC restaurants a break on fees

The food delivery wars are back on. Just three weeks after its offer to buy Grubhub crumbled, Uber is going on the offensive with a plan to steal its former potential partner’s Big Apple clients, The Post has learned. Starting on Tuesday, Uber’s food delivery arm, Uber Eats, began telling New York City eateries that […]