Restaurants That Don’t Even Deliver Are Ending Up on Grubhub Against Their Will

Restaurants across the country have been facing a peculiar problem: Delivery drivers show up to pick up orders the restaurant never knew about, and customers call to check in on orders the restaurant never received. These restaurants don’t actually do delivery, but they ended up on apps and delivery websites, anyway. The result is a […]

The Food-Delivery App Battle Will Expand to Business Travel

Ruthlessly competitive and exploding in popularity, the food-delivery app market is a fascinating landscape of high-stakes corporate combat. Their rising popularity assures the combatants will be bigger players in business travel in 2020. The nature of their fight, however, isn’t quite so clear. Far more clear is the impact these companies are having on dining […]

The Critical Points: How much are Grubhub, DoorDash and Uber Eats really costing you?

When Chase announced changes to its popular Chase Sapphire Reserve card — including a higher annual fee along with the addition of Lyft benefits, DoorDash credits and a DashPass membership — I wanted to know the exact impact to cardholders. After all, a $100 increase in an annual fee should include a proportional boost to the card’s value proposition. So […]

Uber Eats Keeps Getting Smaller

Uber (NYSE:UBER) Eats is shrinking its footprint once again. Following the company’s decision to back out of food delivery in South Korea in October, the ride-hailing giant is selling its Uber Eats India business to Zomato, an Indian app-based food delivery company, for $35 million and convertible stock equivalent to a 10% stake in the company. CFO […]

Local restaurants adding multiple delivery apps as more players enter the market

With Waitr no longer the only option in town, Baton Rouge restaurant owners have been adding, or at least exploring, the addition of multiple delivery apps that have entered the market in recent years like DoorDash, Grubhub, Uber Eats and Postmates. Some restaurant owners pulled their Waitr partnerships after the Lake Charles-based food delivery app switched its […]

DoorDash takes the lead in the food delivery wars as the landscape dramatically shifts in 2019

DoorDash captured 33% of the U.S. market, Grubhub 32%, Uber Eats 20% and Postmates 10%. Digital food delivery is projected to be a $467 billion dollar business by 2025. Digital food delivery sale have grown by 13% or more each of the past five years. DoorDash’s rapid growth in 2019 allowed it to edge past […]

Despite Denials, Grubhub Buyout Could Be What Delivers Growth

After rumors surfaced that Grubhub (NYSE:GRUB) hired financial advisors to help it steer a sale of the company, the food delivery service declared it most definitely was not shopping its business, and had no plans to do so. But maybe it ought to rethink that, as a sale looks like the one chance Grubhub has for growth. Driving into the […]

The great food-delivery fight arrives in the US

The appetite for major consolidation sweeping the global food delivery industry has finally reached the U.S. Now the big question is, which combination would be easier to stomach? The fly in the soup may, as ever, be SoftBank Group Corp. Waves of dealmaking have reduced the number of online food delivery players in markets such […]

Why a Grubhub Merger Could Solve Food Delivery’s Woes

Grubhub stock jumped 17% on Wednesday afternoon after The Wall Street Journal reported the company is looking at strategic options, including a possible sale. The news also sent shares of Uber Technologies (ticker: UBER), parent of Uber Eats and one of Grubhub’s largest rivals, higher. Uber’s shares were up as much as 4.7% in afternoon trading. A Grubhub (GRUB) […]

Grubhub shares take off on sale talk

Grubhub’s stock rose today on unconfirmed reports that the Chicago-based tech company is considering a sale. Grubhub shares were up about 15 percent after the Wall Street Journal reported thay the restaurant-delivery company is considering strategic options including a sale. Shares topped $57 for the first time since Sept. 23.  Grubhub has been battered by image problems and regulatory threats […]