Minnesota Restaurateur Leans into Off-Prem to Grow Empire

Gerard Klass, co-founder of Soul Bowl in Minneapolis, is arguably sitting on more big ideas than any other chef in town, and he’s well versed in how trends toward off-premises dining can fuel his plans to grow a multi-concept empire. Having just launched a delivery- and takeout-only wings concept, Klass is taxiing the runway before […]

On the menu: Are you overpaying when ordering online?

DENVER — Ordering takeout was great before our world was turned upside down by the pandemic. Now, it seems downright patriotic. But as it turns out, our local restaurants aren’t necessarily receiving all of the money you’re spending, and in some cases, they’re not even setting the menu prices. When Paula Atkinson is craving Thai […]

ChowNow, Instagram launch commission-free online food ordering

Online ordering platform ChowNow has launched a free feature enabling restaurants to add “Order Food” buttons to their Instagram profiles and “Order Food” stickers in their Stories, according to a press release emailed to Restaurant Dive.  Restaurants that partner with ChowNow can now encourage people to order food via Instagram, which links directly to ChowNow […]

Instagram partners with LA’s ChowNow to make food pics and stories shoppable

Instagram is partnering with the Los Angeles-based restaurant ordering platform ChowNow to make pictures and stories from local restaurants shoppable by adding “Order Food” buttons and stickers to their images and videos. The buttons and stickers will link directly to ChowNow  to complete order flow, the companies said. Followers can also re-share stickers on their own Instagram  Stories to drive awareness. Local […]

The Power Of Purpose: How ChowNow Is Helping Restaurants Pivot And Succeed In A Time Of Crisis

With restaurants in freefall across the country, there has never been a more important time to innovate to help them make it through the crisis. ChowNow powers branded online ordering systems for over 14,000 independently-owned restaurants across the U.S. and Canada—via restaurants’ own websites, on Facebook and Google, through ChowNow-created apps, and via ChowNow’s website and […]

No time for high fives: Grateful ChowNow sees somber sales surge as restaurants pushed to online ordering for survival

Takeout, curbside, no matter the name, nearly 50 Kansas City area restaurants are now serving it up to customers with support from food ordering app ChowNow.  “We’re grateful that we’re in position to help, but it is also very scary for a lot of people out there and we need to recognize that,” Chris Webb, […]

Grubhub threatens ChowNow over ‘sky-high’ fee accusations

Knives are out at Grubhub after a competitor accused it of bleeding its restaurant partners dry with “sky-high” fees, The Post has learned. The Chicago-based food-delivery giant has sent a cease-and-desist order to rival ChowNow for claiming Grubhub charges commissions of as much as 40 percent with an average “take rate” of 35 percent, according […]

ChowNow Moves Delivery Customers In-House

The bigger third-party delivery gets, the more incentives restaurants have to move Grubhub, DoorDash or Postmates customers to in-house channels that don’t cost nearly as much. Filling this gap between self delivery and using national delivery brands that charge upwards of 25-35 percent per order, ChowNow is one of several companies springing up to help […]

ChowNow CEO: Online Ordering’s Future And The 90-Minute Restaurant Vacation Experience

Everything comes with a price — and that applies to the digital world as well. Consumers are waking up to the fact that all those free online and mobile services — email and social media among them — take in trade personal data that is chopped, diced, analyzed, bundled and sold to numerous third parties. Some […]