No time for high fives: Grateful ChowNow sees somber sales surge as restaurants pushed to online ordering for survival

Takeout, curbside, no matter the name, nearly 50 Kansas City area restaurants are now serving it up to customers with support from food ordering app ChowNow.  “We’re grateful that we’re in position to help, but it is also very scary for a lot of people out there and we need to recognize that,” Chris Webb, […]

Grubhub threatens ChowNow over ‘sky-high’ fee accusations

Knives are out at Grubhub after a competitor accused it of bleeding its restaurant partners dry with “sky-high” fees, The Post has learned. The Chicago-based food-delivery giant has sent a cease-and-desist order to rival ChowNow for claiming Grubhub charges commissions of as much as 40 percent with an average “take rate” of 35 percent, according […]

ChowNow Moves Delivery Customers In-House

The bigger third-party delivery gets, the more incentives restaurants have to move Grubhub, DoorDash or Postmates customers to in-house channels that don’t cost nearly as much. Filling this gap between self delivery and using national delivery brands that charge upwards of 25-35 percent per order, ChowNow is one of several companies springing up to help […]

ChowNow CEO: Online Ordering’s Future And The 90-Minute Restaurant Vacation Experience

Everything comes with a price — and that applies to the digital world as well. Consumers are waking up to the fact that all those free online and mobile services — email and social media among them — take in trade personal data that is chopped, diced, analyzed, bundled and sold to numerous third parties. Some […]

As restaurant owners tire of GrubHub commissions, ChowNow slides under the door

Running a restaurant is tough business: tons of overhead, bevvies of competition, and a delivery industry that’s scraping profits off the top. In the crosshairs of many restaurant owners is GrubHub ($NYSE:GRUB), which many say charges exorbitant commissions to the point that margins are shrinking them out of business. A class-action lawsuit against GrubHub claims that the service is […]

How One CEO Speaking Out On Abortion Weighed the Risks

This is truly the age of CEO activism. More than 180 CEOs wrote a letter earlier today in The New York Times in proclaiming their support for the pro-choice movement amid a series of statewide legislations that restrict access to abortions. While CEOs aren’t shying away these days from speaking out on controversial issues—guns, climate change, equal rights […]

Google Food Delivery: Expanding For Brand Visibility

ChowNow and, online food ordering systems that aim to help independent restaurants across the U.S. grow, are partnering with Google to expand their businesses. Partnering with Google allows customers to order through Google Search, Google Maps and Google Assistant. With this food delivery partnership, Google users can search for restaurants and place orders with more than 12,000 local partners and […]

Google now lets you order food without a delivery app

Starting today, you can now order food directly from Google Search, Google Maps, or Google Assistant. The functionality works using partnerships with existing delivery companies like DoorDash, Postmates, and ChowNow, and means you can order from any of them without having to downloading an additional app, or even visiting their website. In Google Search and […]

Why Some Restaurants Call Food Delivery Apps A ‘Necessary Evil’

…Many customers don’t realize how much food-delivery apps charge businesses like hers, says Abi-Najm Shea. For her restaurant group — which operates seven establishments in the D.C. region — the apps’ commission can run as high as 30% per order, on top of the various fees they charge customers. …As customers have come to depend on food […]

ChowNow Scores $21M for Its Commission-Free Restaurant Order Platform

Online restaurant-order platform ChowNow announced this week it has closed a $21 million Series C funding round. The round included growth-equity firms 3L Capital and Catalyst Investors, and brings ChowNow’s total funding to $60 million. The ChowNow system powers the online ordering and delivery process for smaller, independent restaurants, either integrating with a restaurant’s own app or website […]