Restaurants using the Ordermark order management service now get special deals from Uber Eats

In a new deal tying Uber Eats closer to the Los Angeles-based delivery management service Ordermark, the companies are offering special discounts to restaurants that use the service. Uber Eats  is giving all Ordermark restaurants a preferred fee rate, waiving the upfront set-up fee, and fully eliminating the need for the Uber Eats tablet in the restaurant, the companies […]

Ordermark integrates with DoorDash Drive to enhance delivery services

Online ordering platform Ordermark has signed an agreement with DoorDash to offer optimised on-demand delivery solutions to its customers. Under the agreement, Ordermark will integrate DoorDash Drive delivery solutions into its platform to enable its restaurants to benefit from the integrated services. This is expected to allow restaurant owners to simplify their operations and support […]

Exclusive: GrubHub will launch “GrubHub Ultimate”, a point-of-sale ordering kiosk for restaurants

New job listings discovered at GrubHub’s ($NYSE:GRUB) careers site reveal that the company is quietly launching “GrubHub Ultimate”, a point-of-sale ordering and operations platform based on technology the company acquired in 2018. A position titled “Account Manager, Ultimate” has now been posted three times to GrubHub’s careers site, first on July 17, 2019, and then again […]

Delivery by the numbers: How top third-party platforms compare

With global food delivery sales expected to reach $200 billion by 2025, restaurants are partnering with third-party platforms to drive revenue. But this strategy comes with serious risk — companies like DoorDash, Uber Eats and Grubhub take double-digit commissions off of every order, and some have been accused of skimping drivers of their tips and adding hidden fees to restaurant charges. Despite […]

Olo, Google Partner for Seamless Ordering

The delivery world is rife with partnerships these days as the landscape continues to evolve. A new partnership between Olo and Google shows that the growing delivery industry is shaping how some of the world’s most impactful companies do business, while making it even more frictionless to order delivery meals. With the new partnership, digital […]

Google, Olo partnership gives restaurants control of consumer data

Digital orders through Google Search, Maps or Google Assistant come without hefty third-party fees Google has entered a partnership with digital ordering platform Olo that is expected to benefit restaurants looking to keep valuable consumer data while minimizing profit hurting third-party delivery fees. Under a partnership announced Tuesday, Olo’s network of more than 70,000 restaurants can […]

Google Extends Its Restaurant Industry Footprint With Olo Partnership

Olo today announced a partnership with Google that enables consumers to order their food from its restaurant brand partners via Google’s Search, Maps and Assistant properties. With this announcement, the digital food ordering platform is leveraging a relatively new feature from Google, initially announced in May.  Through this partnership, any customer searching for food at a […]

OpenTable partners with Uber Eats to bring delivery to Canada

OpenTable will now show if a restaurant offers delivery through Uber Eats Online restaurant reservation tool OpenTable, owned by Booking Holdings, announced it would expand to delivery in Canada through a partnership with Uber Eats. Now Canadians using the OpenTable mobile app will see options for ordering delivery from restaurants alongside reservation options. Supported restaurants […]

Ordermark Partners-Up for Social Media Ordering

The idea of ordering food via social media is gaining more and more traction as messaging platforms gobble up our lives. Huge numbers of consumers live their life on some messaging app or another, be it Slack, Messenger or whatever. Ordermark is sliding right in via a new partnership with Say2eat Messaging. Ordermark CEO Alex […]