Payment processing company, Uber Eats team for food-delivery platform

Shift4 Payments, an integrated payment-processing-solutions company, and Uber Eats, an on-demand food-delivery platform, recently partnered to launch a new on-demand food-delivery platform will be available through Shift4’s Marketplace. The platform will seamlessly integrate Shift4’s restaurant clients. This eliminates the need for separate tablets to manage services. All orders will be managed with one central point-of-sale […]

Square partners with Postmates to offer on-demand delivery capabilities

Square launched On-Demand Delivery for Square Online Store on Thursday to allow its merchants to dispatch a courier for orders placed directly on a company’s website, according to a press release.  Sellers will pay a flat fee of $1.50 per order to Square and a fee to a delivery partner that is based on distance and […]

Square Offering On-Demand Delivery Through Postmate

Square, the popular point-of-sale platform for restaurants and retailers, has announced a new On-Demand Delivery service giving merchants the ability to accept and fulfill delivery orders that come through native platforms. As part of this new service’s launch, Square has partnered with Postmates, with assurances that additional delivery partners are coming soon. Wally Sadat, CMO […]

Square gets back into food delivery less than a year after selling Caviar

Jack Dorseys’s payments company Square announced a new option for restaurants and stores to have products delivered to customers. Wednesday’s announcement comes less than a year after Square announced the sale of its food delivery business Caviar to DoorDash. It underscores Square’s effort to beef up online offerings for small businesses that are being hit especially […]

DoorDash’s new Storefront feature will help restaurants set up their own websites

DoorDash on Thursday launched a new initiative called Storefront to help restaurants create websites and directly manage online pickup and delivery orders. As the COVID-19 pandemic has forced restaurants to pause their sit-down service, many have become increasingly reliant on delivery platforms like DoorDash, as well as competitors Grubhub, Postmates, and Uber Eats. These partnerships, of course, […]

As restaurants clash with popular delivery apps like Grubhub over fees, Google Maps is getting a new feature that makes it easier to order directly from local businesses

Google is launching a new feature that lets merchants specify their preferred ordering method when customers find a restaurant through Google Maps. The update comes as restaurants have struggled with processing fees from popular third-party delivery services like Grubhub as they rely heavily on takeout during the coronavirus pandemic. Restaurants will be able to specify […]

Slice’s CEO on Uber, DoorDash and the one kind of pizza that should never be delivered

In an industry dominated by high-profile titans running afoul of lawmakers and restaurateurs alike, Slice is an outlier. Founded by Ilir Sela, an Albanian immigrant from a prolific pizzeria-owning family, Slice views itself as “a hybrid.” Unlike many of its competitors, Slice does not employ its own drivers. Instead, it offers a software solution to independent pizzerias, allowing them […]

A new food platform presents itself as an alternative to pricey delivery app fees

A platform called Spreadis taking aim at Grubhub and other third-party delivery companies for their high commission fees. The site connects restaurants with local customers who have opted to receive promotional details via text and email. Rather than advertising a special on Instagram, for example, founder Andy Wang says restaurant owners can text promo codes and […] integrates with Olo’s platform for delivery and pickup

Online food ordering website has integrated with Olo’s Rails platform to enable ordering and delivery for Olo’s restaurant partners. Orders placed on app or website will directly flow into Olo restaurant partner’s POS systems, which can reduce time spent on logistics and boost order accuracy. Integration with Olo Rails platform enables restaurants to […]

ChowNow, Instagram launch commission-free online food ordering

Online ordering platform ChowNow has launched a free feature enabling restaurants to add “Order Food” buttons to their Instagram profiles and “Order Food” stickers in their Stories, according to a press release emailed to Restaurant Dive.  Restaurants that partner with ChowNow can now encourage people to order food via Instagram, which links directly to ChowNow […]