Grubhub Rolls Out Ultimate Digital Workflow System

With proprietary hardware and software that brings together all restaurant ordering channels into one system, Grubhub rolled out its Ultimate technology. The product is a digital workflow solution that takes the place of shouts as well as handwritten notes by linking the back- and front- of the house directly with diners while making a transparent view into […]

GrubHub has a solution to its delivery problems: Takeout

New York (CNN Business)GrubHub is getting crushed by competition, so it’s fighting back with a new service that targets diners who want to pick up their food instead of having it delivered to them.GrubHub unveiled new technology — dubbed Ultimate — on Thursday that makes it easier for people to order food to go and […]

Google’s food ordering business could deliver blow to Grubhub, UberEats

Sundar Pichai’s sudden hankering for a piece of the online food-ordering business has Wall Street predicting major indigestion for the industry. At first glance, the blue food-ordering tabs that have quietly popped up on Google’s search engine may seem like harmless competition for the growing array of apps that help people order food online. But […]

Google Adds Hungr to its Roster of Third-party Delivery Partners

Google continues to connect your search for food with the ability to get it quickly, as the company has now integrated third-party restaurant ordering and delivery service Hungr to Google Search, Maps and Assistant. Hungr announced the partnership today. With it, restaurants using Hungr’s ordering and fulfillment platform can now offer those services directly from a user’s Google search. […]

Olo and BMW Partner for In-car Restaurant Food Ordering

As the restaurant industry continues searching for ways to serve up off-premise meals at faster speeds, in-car ordering is one approach becoming more common. BMW is the latest automaker to join this conversation, having just partnered with restaurant-tech company Olo to make food ordering available directly from its vehicles. According to an Olo press release, the two companies […]

Restaurants using the Ordermark order management service now get special deals from Uber Eats

In a new deal tying Uber Eats closer to the Los Angeles-based delivery management service Ordermark, the companies are offering special discounts to restaurants that use the service. Uber Eats  is giving all Ordermark restaurants a preferred fee rate, waiving the upfront set-up fee, and fully eliminating the need for the Uber Eats tablet in the restaurant, the companies […]

Ordermark integrates with DoorDash Drive to enhance delivery services

Online ordering platform Ordermark has signed an agreement with DoorDash to offer optimised on-demand delivery solutions to its customers. Under the agreement, Ordermark will integrate DoorDash Drive delivery solutions into its platform to enable its restaurants to benefit from the integrated services. This is expected to allow restaurant owners to simplify their operations and support […]

Exclusive: GrubHub will launch “GrubHub Ultimate”, a point-of-sale ordering kiosk for restaurants

New job listings discovered at GrubHub’s ($NYSE:GRUB) careers site reveal that the company is quietly launching “GrubHub Ultimate”, a point-of-sale ordering and operations platform based on technology the company acquired in 2018. A position titled “Account Manager, Ultimate” has now been posted three times to GrubHub’s careers site, first on July 17, 2019, and then again […]

Delivery by the numbers: How top third-party platforms compare

With global food delivery sales expected to reach $200 billion by 2025, restaurants are partnering with third-party platforms to drive revenue. But this strategy comes with serious risk — companies like DoorDash, Uber Eats and Grubhub take double-digit commissions off of every order, and some have been accused of skimping drivers of their tips and adding hidden fees to restaurant charges. Despite […]