Grubhub Catches Heat From Restaurants Over $10 Customer Discount

Many restaurants are mad about Grubhub Inc.’s (NYSE: GRUB) latest promotion, a $10 discount offered on all takeout or delivery orders totaling $30 or more placed between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. After opting in to the promotion, restaurants must absorb the cost of this sizable discount, while still paying normal commissions to Grubhub on the orders. Grubhub […]

Grubhub Asks Restaurants to Foot the Bill on ‘Supper for Support’ Promotions

A new Grubhub restaurant delivery promotion called “Supper for Support” isn’t quite so supportive as it sounds. The deal, a $10 discount to diners on Grubhub orders of $30 or more from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m daily, is advertised to customers as a way to “save while supporting the restaurants you love,” a means […]

Grubhub’s $10 off promo forces restaurants to front the discount costs while being charged full commission

Grubhub announced last week that, between the hours of 5 to 9 PM, customers could order takeout or delivery through its platform and receive $10 off orders of $30 or more. It sounds like a good deal, until you realize that while Grubhub is promoting the offer on behalf on restaurants, it’s also contractually forcing those business […]

Grubhub promo gives customers $10 off, but it’s the restaurants that eat the cost

As it goes in any time of crisis, some companies will find a way to turn misery into money. Restaurants around the state, banned from serving dine-in customers and struggling to stay afloat, have sounded the alarm on food-delivery apps, which they say charge hefty fees for their services — sometimes as much as 30% […]

Some Grubhub drivers are no-shows, N.J. restaurants say. ‘This might just put me out of business.’

The food is ready, but no one picks up the order. Customers get frustrated after waiting an hour for their driver to arrive, then have to settle for refund. Rinse, repeat. That’s what some New Jersey restaurants say has been happening when customers order delivery from Grubhub. Food delivery has proven to be a lifeline for both […]

As Restaurants Fight to Stay Alive, Delivery Services Continue Controversial Practices

I’d hoped this week to write a post rounding up the moves third-party delivery services are making to help restaurants as the COVID-19 crisis escalates and businesses are forced to end dine-in service. Trouble is, delivery services are not necessarily helping. They more seem to be hiding behind frothy PR statements that sound great when […]

The Fine Print of Grubhub’s $100 Million Relief Program for Ailing Restaurants

Ordering delivery has become a key way for diners to support restaurants — if not delivery drivers — as dining rooms around the country shut down to stop the spread of the new coronavirus. Earlier this week, Grubhub made news by announcing that it would defer collection of up to $100 million in commissions as its way of helping the restaurant industry in a time […]


Grubhub on Tuesday clarified its aid offering to restaurants announced last week, saying operators must resume paying their regular commissions as well as deferred payments on an as-yet-undetermined date. The move comes as operators express widespread concern about the delivery service’s initial announcement.  The third-party delivery provider made headlines Friday in announcing that it would temporarily forgo […]

Great NH restaurants seeking to block DoorDash, GrubHub with lawsuit

BEDFORD — Great New Hampshire Restaurants hopes to distance itself from two popular food delivery services — DoorDash and GrubHub — and has gone as far as filing a lawsuit in U.S. District Court against the two companies. The suit claims trademark infringement, unfair competition, injury to business reputation, and false and deceptive business practices. […]

Grubhub serves up new controversy in Iowa City market

Grubhub was effectively chased from the Iowa City-area market more than two years ago when local restaurateurs banded together to launch their own homegrown delivery service, CHOMP , in protest of the company doubling service fees.Now the Chicago-based delivery behemoth is back in town, and it’s not winning many friends this time, either.According to CHOMP co-founder Adam […]