DoorDash Accused Of Steering Customers Away From Nonparticipating Restaurants

Does DoorDash set up fake landing pages for restaurants in an effort to steer customers to preferred restaurants? That is the basis of a potential class action lawsuit filed by Lona’s Lil Eats, a St. Louis Asian fusion restaurant. The suit, originally filed in September in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California, where […]

Los Angeles restaurant owner reveals the crippling effect of using delivery services like Postmates and DoorDash after he had to fork out $35,000 for the sites’ service fees in 2020 alone

Los Angeles restaurant Ronan shared on Instagram that they spent a whopping $35,000 on app delivery fees last year  The post said that Postmates, Caviar, and DoorDash charge them 20% of each order made through their apps The loss was on top of pandemic income losses Only the ordering platform ChowNow was affordable to Ronan with […]

DoorDash Is Hiking Customer Fees to Pay for a Law It Helped Write

In the months since a coalition of app-based gig companies successfully passed Prop 22 in California, exempting themselves from reclassifying their workers as employees, DoorDash has been silently passing costs onto consumers. The company-funded Yes on Prop 22 campaign claimed that not passing the ballot initiative would result in higher prices for consumers, and in early December, […]

New California Law Raptures Thousands of Restaurants From Postmates, DoorDash, and Grubhub

A California law that took effect on January 1 has prompted the removal of tens of thousands of restaurants from food delivery apps like SF-based Uber Eats, DoorDash, Postmates, and Caviar. The law, which was approved last fall, requires apps to offer delivery only from restaurants with which they have a direct partnership and to […]

A New California Law Removes Thousands of Restaurants from Food Delivery Apps

While many restaurants have depended on takeout to stay afloat during the pandemic, there’s long been an unease between these dining establishments and Silicon Valley food delivery apps. One of the most common bones of contention are the fees that many municipalities have capped during the pandemic. Yet, even before Covid-19, restaurants were irked by delivery app […]

How an unauthorized Uber Eats listing caused chaos for this coffee shop

A few months ago, Uber Eats delivery drivers started showing up at Strange Brew, a coffee shop in an Indianapolis suburb, to pick up orders. There was only one problem: there were no orders to pick up, because Strange Brew said it didn’t partner with Uber Eats. So it hadn’t authorized the listing on the […]

Grubhub gig workers react angrily to change in tipping policy

California-based workers for food delivery app Grubhub have reacted angrily to changes to the platform which they say discourage tipping, saying they would wipe out the supposed benefits of new gig worker rules in the state. Last month, California passed Proposition 22, which though falling far short of the benefits received by full-time employees, gave […]

Restaurant owner says it took months to get menu off Grubhub site

Muskegon restaurant owner accuses Grubhub with posting his menu and photos on its’ site without permission, fights to get content removed. MUSKEGON, Mich — Carryout and delivery service is unusually high for many Muskegon-area restaurants, in part because of the state’s three-week pause on in person dining. For some restaurants the current circumstances are leading […]

DoorDash is now charging Denver customers an extra $2 fee to make up for their lost commissions

DENVER — Denver city council voted in October to cap delivery fees from third-party sites like GrubHub and DoorDash at 15%. But if you’ve ordered from DoorDash recently in Denver, you may have come across a new fee, an additional “Denver Fee.” After indoor dining was no longer an option in Denver, the Denver Biscuit Company has […]

In-Depth: Restaurant owners frustrated after being added to GrubHub without their knowledge

AVON LAKE, Ohio — Some local restaurant owners have grown increasingly frustrated at mobile delivery providers like GrubHub for adding their eateries to the platform without their knowledge or consent. GrubHub’s self-admitted practice of adding non-partnered restaurants to its platform is also the target of a recently filed federal lawsuit seeking class-action status, which alleges […]