Waitr was $291 million in the red during 2019, cash on hand drops to $30 million

Louisiana online food delivery ordering tech startup Waitr Holdings Inc. was $291 million in the red during 2019, which is a loss of $4 per share, compared to a $34 million, or $2 per share, loss in 2018.  Waitr’s fourth-quarter earnings were also down as it lost $21.6 million in the last three months of […]

TASCHINGER: Waitr’s app is better than its business model

The smartphone app that allows you to order food from a smorgasbord of restaurants and get it delivered to your door is brilliant. It’s easy, fast and efficient. (It may cause you to spend too much on meals you could prepare for yourself instead, but that’s another column.) Yet this killer app, and countless others […]

Waitr’s reclassification of drivers turns alcohol-delivery law essentially moot

After Waitr executives pushed for the Louisiana Legislature to open the door for alcohol delivery in the state last year, the company’s decision to reclassify its workers as independent contractors essentially makes the law moot.  Waitr’s WARN notice was posted with the Louisiana Workforce Commission yesterday afternoon, announcing the company was laying off its entire […]

Bite Squad parent drops drivers in switch to gig-worker model

The parent company of Bite Squad plans to lay off the food-delivery service’s employee drivers within the next six weeks, intending to convert them into independent contractors. Based in Minneapolis, Bite Squad was purchased in 2019 for $321 million by Waitr Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: WTRH) of Lafayette, La. The company previously announced plans to lay off about […]

Waitr to lay off all 2,300 Louisiana drivers in these 5 markets; some to become contractors

Waitr will lay off 2,300 Louisiana employees in April as the restaurant delivery company transitions drivers from hourly employees to independent contractors. The Louisiana Workforce Commission released details on Monday from a legally required notice filed by Waitr earlier this month. Waitr will be instituting a layoff for all of its drivers in every market across […]

Waitr to lay off 219 in Beaumont, move to contract pay model

Food delivery service Waitr will lay off all 219 drivers in the Beaumont area as it moves to a nationwide contract-only model for workers in April. The Texas Workforce Commission on Thursday released details of a legally required notice from the company that it would terminate the employment of its drivers in Jefferson County and […]

Waitr shifts to contractual employment model

Waitr announced this week that it’s shifting its drivers from hourly to contract. Drivers found out about the change, which is effective in April, via email, according to KATC.  This change means Waitr’s workers will now be paid by the delivery versus the hour. Under federal tax law, contracted workers aren’t required to receive benefits, and employers […]

‘It definitely hurts’: Waitr to move drivers from hourly employees to contractors

Waitr drivers were notified Monday that they will soon become independent contractors instead of hourly employees — a move that will likely cut costs for the struggling company that is under pressure to deliver $30 million in savings promised to investors in late 2019. The news comes exactly one week after the company laid off as many […]

UPDATE: WAITR Isn’t Leaving Here Completely…Just No Delivery

Yesterday, I wrote an article about a post that was seen on Facebook about the food service, WAITR, ceasing all operations in Nacogdoches and Lufkin. We were asking if anyone could verify if this was true or not. If you missed the article, you can view it by clicking the link below: HAS WAITR LEFT […]

Landshark Delivery acquired by Bite Squad

As a locally owned business, Landshark Delivery helped make eating easier for Oxford residents and students for years. Landshark is still around, but this week they became part of a national brand. Bite Squad announced the acquisition of Landshark Delivery effective as of Wednesday, bringing the Oxford business into the fold along with other cities […]