Uber Eats Keeps Getting Smaller

Uber (NYSE:UBER) Eats is shrinking its footprint once again. Following the company’s decision to back out of food delivery in South Korea in October, the ride-hailing giant is selling its Uber Eats India business to Zomato, an Indian app-based food delivery company, for $35 million and convertible stock equivalent to a 10% stake in the company. CFO […]

Do we forget about pickup when we talk off-premise?

When it comes to off-premise, the restaurant industry has been focused on delivery. This makes sense — delivery logistics are complicated, and the third-party fees are high, as are the chances that things can go wrong. But 93% of off-premise operations are still traditional takeout, meaning customers enter the restaurant to pick up the orders […]

Restaurants and customers are getting caught in a food-delivery war

The food courier last weekend looked familiar to Laura Lyons, who with her husband, Todd, owns Love & Honey Fried Chicken in Northern Liberties. But when he took out a Love & Honey menu bearing long-outdated items and prices, and attempted to place a takeout order using a credit card bearing the logo of the […]

Grubhub Rolls Out Ultimate Digital Workflow System

With proprietary hardware and software that brings together all restaurant ordering channels into one system, Grubhub rolled out its Ultimate technology. The product is a digital workflow solution that takes the place of shouts as well as handwritten notes by linking the back- and front- of the house directly with diners while making a transparent view into […]

GrubHub has a solution to its delivery problems: Takeout

New York (CNN Business)GrubHub is getting crushed by competition, so it’s fighting back with a new service that targets diners who want to pick up their food instead of having it delivered to them.GrubHub unveiled new technology — dubbed Ultimate — on Thursday that makes it easier for people to order food to go and […]

Local restaurants adding multiple delivery apps as more players enter the market

With Waitr no longer the only option in town, Baton Rouge restaurant owners have been adding, or at least exploring, the addition of multiple delivery apps that have entered the market in recent years like DoorDash, Grubhub, Uber Eats and Postmates. Some restaurant owners pulled their Waitr partnerships after the Lake Charles-based food delivery app switched its […]

DoorDash, Grubhub skewered by small restaurants for posting menus without permission

Third-party delivery services can help market a small business but often comes at a steep price for operators with some commissions as high as 30% Mom and pop restaurants are fed up with third-party delivery services listing their restaurants on takeout platforms without their permission. Grubhub, Postmates and DoorDash are putting restaurants on its apps and websites without […]

Zomato acquires Uber Eats in an all-stock deal; to get around 10% shares in Gurgaon-based food delivery platform

The deal for Uber Eats, which operates in 41 cities, was signed at 3 AM, and its customers will be shifted to the Zomato app from 7 AM today, the report said Despite arriving in the Indian market in 2017, UberEats has not made enough inroads in the online food delivery segment By selling Uber […]

Philly Restaurants Revolt Over Unauthorized Food Delivery “Partnerships”

Grubhub, Doordash, and Postmates have been listing some Philly restaurants’ menus and information on their sites without permission, leaving small-business owners to deal with the consequences. Philly’s Love & Honey Fried Chicken shared an image of a complaint against Grubhub on Instagram over the weekend, threatening legal action if the restaurant’s menu was not removed from the site. By […]

Delivery is set to be restaurants’ biggest challenge in 2020, as workers battle ‘tablet hell’ and customers brace for price increases

Experts say that delivery companies and restaurant chains will need to grapple with the question of how to deal with delivery in 2020. The cost of delivery is increasingly being passed on to the customer, in the form of higher delivery fees and more expensive menu items. Meanwhile, workers say they are in “tablet hell,” […]