Grubhub gig workers react angrily to change in tipping policy

California-based workers for food delivery app Grubhub have reacted angrily to changes to the platform which they say discourage tipping, saying they would wipe out the supposed benefits of new gig worker rules in the state. Last month, California passed Proposition 22, which though falling far short of the benefits received by full-time employees, gave […]

Grubhub offers restaurants new ways to receive orders—without paying commission fees

Grubhub unveiled new tools that allow customers to order food straight from restaurants without requiring the eateries to pay commission fees. Third-party delivery companies make the bulk of their revenue charging restaurants anywhere from 15% to 30% on every order. The National Restaurant Association estimates that 110,000 establishments have shut down, either permanently or long […]

Restaurant owner says it took months to get menu off Grubhub site

Muskegon restaurant owner accuses Grubhub with posting his menu and photos on its’ site without permission, fights to get content removed. MUSKEGON, Mich — Carryout and delivery service is unusually high for many Muskegon-area restaurants, in part because of the state’s three-week pause on in person dining. For some restaurants the current circumstances are leading […]

Grubhub: Justeats Bet On The Wrong Horse

Summary Grubhub stock will be moving towards $75.15 in H121 (from the current price of $74) as the merger with Justeats gets regulatory approval. The foodtech market in general is a “winner takes all market” with companies striving to gain >50% market share. Grubhub has been the biggest loser in the food-delivery space as Doordash […]

Chicago Finally Implements Fee Caps for Grubhub and DoorDash

After initially allowing them to collect their full fees during the summer and early fall, Chicago’s city council on Monday finally approved a 15 percent fee cap for what third party delivery companies — like Grubhub, DoorDash, and Uber Eats — can charge restaurants. Chicago’s new limit goes into effect immediately and matches the limits lawmakers in […]

Chowly Nabs Grubhub Integration

Two Chicago delivery-focused brands are finally formally integrated now that Chowly has entered into a partnership with Grubhub to bring its menu management and order fulfillment solution to restaurants on the Grubhub marketplace.  This new partnership allows Chowly and Grubhub to closely collaborate on configuration and onboarding efforts for their mutual restaurant clients. By leveraging […]

In-Depth: Restaurant owners frustrated after being added to GrubHub without their knowledge

AVON LAKE, Ohio — Some local restaurant owners have grown increasingly frustrated at mobile delivery providers like GrubHub for adding their eateries to the platform without their knowledge or consent. GrubHub’s self-admitted practice of adding non-partnered restaurants to its platform is also the target of a recently filed federal lawsuit seeking class-action status, which alleges […]

Grubhub Faces Lawsuit over Non-Partnered Restaurant Listings

Grubhub is under legal fire for listing non-partnered restaurants on its platform, but what will actually come of a newly filed class-action lawsuit is not clear. The suit, filed by Gibbs Law Group, alleges that Grubhub misused trademarks by placing non-partner restaurants on its platform. The suit’s plaintiffs “seek a judgment (a) finding that Grubhub […]

Restaurants Are Suing Grubhub for Putting Them on Site Without Permission

After turning down partnership with Grubhub and then finding their restaurants listed on the company’s site regardless, two restaurant owners have filed a $5 million lawsuit against the delivery service. The owners say being listed on the food delivery site has resulted in order confusion and has harmed their reputations. The lawsuit claims similar false […]


Yum Brands may not have gotten all it envisioned out of its 2018 delivery deal with Grubhub, but at least it got $8 million. The operator of KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and Habit on Thursday noted that it sold the shares of Grubhub it purchased in 2018 for $206 million, and that it recorded […]