DoorDash Is Hiking Customer Fees to Pay for a Law It Helped Write

In the months since a coalition of app-based gig companies successfully passed Prop 22 in California, exempting themselves from reclassifying their workers as employees, DoorDash has been silently passing costs onto consumers. The company-funded Yes on Prop 22 campaign claimed that not passing the ballot initiative would result in higher prices for consumers, and in early December, […]

Grubhub gig workers react angrily to change in tipping policy

California-based workers for food delivery app Grubhub have reacted angrily to changes to the platform which they say discourage tipping, saying they would wipe out the supposed benefits of new gig worker rules in the state. Last month, California passed Proposition 22, which though falling far short of the benefits received by full-time employees, gave […]

DoorDash Launches DasherDirect Banking for Drivers

DoorDash and Payfare have announced the launch of the DasherDirect platform, a banking platform for DoorDash delivery drivers that includes mobile banking and prepaid Visa cards for its Dashers. This marks DoorDash’s first-ever financial platform for Dashers, and the company says this provides its drivers with “new rewards and more flexibility and control over their […]

Why Uber’s business model is doomed

Having threatened to pull out of California completely, Uber and Lyft recently won a temporary reprieve from orders to reclassify their drivers as employees rather than independent contractors. The companies argued they could not come up with a plan for doing so overnight, even though more than two years have passed since California’s supreme court ordered them […]

UberEats could be underpaying delivery drivers on 30% of trips, according to a programmer who reportedly built a tool that found the app was lowballing the miles that drivers traveled

An Uber Eats driver claimed he collected data showing that the company has been consistently underpaying drivers, Salon reported Thursday. The driver, who is also a computer programmer, built a tool for drivers to track their trips and determine if the company was paying them fairly, and found that Uber wasn’t paying them for an average of […]

Waitr settling former driver class action lawsuit and to give 1.5M stock, not cash

After 18 months in the legal system, Waitr Holdings Inc. is in the final stages of settling a class action lawsuit brought against the company by delivery drivers who claimed they were not paid at least minimum wage in violation of federal law. The value of the settlement could be roughly $7.4 million and the […]

DoorDash Doesn’t Know Which Restaurants Are Open, and Drivers Pay the Price

During the ongoing coronavirus pandemic many people sheltered indoors are turning to food delivery apps to have meals or groceries brought to their doorstep. But some drivers working for popular app DoorDash are making as little as just over $3 an hour, according to multiple DoorDash drivers. One reason some drivers are making so little money during the coronavirus […]

Uber Eats spent $1B on excess driver incentives, referrals in 2019

Uber reported its Q4 and full year 2019 earnings Thursday, including its Uber Eats results, which reported adjusted net revenue of $1.4 billion for the year, an increase of 82% compared to $759 million in 2018, but reported EBITDA of negative $461 million​, according to a company press release. Much of this loss came from increased […]

Why Bad Data Should be Counterpunched

A new study making the rounds shows DoorDash drivers making just $1.45 base hourly pay before tips and making the food-delivery economy at large look pretty dismal. And without real-world data, this is what makes the news. The report appeared on Salon, and a handful of other news sources, spreading some pretty bad data around […]

DoorDash Contractors Earn Less Than Dogshit, Study Finds

Delivery platform DoorDash has been at the top of the public’s most hated gig economy value extraction firms for some time, owing largely to its prior policy of subsidizing its wages with customers’ tips. According to a study released today, even with that policy repealed, the efficiency of DoorDash’s race-to-the-bottom pay structure nets workers an estimated $1.45 […]