Not UberEats site lists Toronto restaurants doing their own delivery

You might think you’re supporting local when you order from your favourite restaurant for delivery, but if you’re getting food from a third-party delivery app like Uber Eats, Skip The Dishes or DoorDash, there’s a good chance the tech companies are taking a big cut of the sale.  To get around those fees, which can top […]

Denver restaurant companies fight back with new in-house delivery platforms

Denver-area restaurateurs who complained about third-party delivery fees and then pushed to have them limited during the coronavirus pandemic, are now adopting a new tactic and launching in-house delivery services to take back some of that business. The efforts are not widespread yet, and many of the recently launched service come from locally owned restaurant companies like Big […]

Hungr Goes its Own Way by Giving Restaurants Customer Data

As the debate over fees and customer data continues its slow burn in the delivery space, one smaller player is going all in on sharing customer information with restaurants so they can fine-tune their operations and develop marketing campaigns to target the best users and neighborhoods in what the San Diego-based company calls a “watershed […]

Restaurants are digging out to keep customers coming in

HAMDEN, Conn — The Nor’easter has not just homeowners digging out but local businesses as well. Outdoor dining has been important to restaurants with limited capacity during the pandemic. The near foot of snow on the ground has them digging out their outdoor seating and finding even more ways to reach customers. “Some people […]

Local food delivery app helping your favorite restaurant stay afloat during pandemic

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — As the indoor dining ban in New Mexico continues, a New Mexico tech company is helping numerous restaurants expand their reach by offering delivery services. The Shop Breakfast and Lunch is located at 2933 Monte Vista Blvd. NE in Albuquerque. Rivera said each year business kept growing, and 2020 was supposed to be their […]

How a new delivery model could save restaurants struggling with rising costs

High delivery costs are eating into the dwindling profits of restaurant and food companies struggling during the pandemic, but one expert says new pricing models could help them survive. Michael von Massow, a professor and food economist with the University of Guelph’s department of food, agricultural and resource economics, believes the entire business model of food […]

LoCo Co-op Franchising

Band together with the restaurants in your community to form a local delivery co-op that’s independently owned, operated, and controlled. Stop dishing out big slices of your revenue to national third-party delivery companies who don’t know your business. Little by little, companies like GrubHub and Uber Eats are doing to independent restaurants what Amazon did […]

Two Queen City Entrepreneurs Create Food Delivery Service

Apps like Grubhub and Doordash can help support local restaurants that don’t deliver, and can take a big bite out of a restaurant’s profits. Bob Heil and Steve Ambrose are no strangers to the city of good neighbors. They say after seeing countless numbers of their fellow businesses close up for good due to COVID-19 […]

Relay Gives Restaurants ‘Agnostic’ Self-Delivery Option

There’s a growing number of options for restaurants looking to reduce the impact of delivery commissions and capture customer data through a self-delivery program. Relay Delivery, an East Coast delivery fleet operator, argues restaurants should seek a native solution that doesn’t include working with third-party providers, which its CEO argues is like letting a fox […]

Buffalo-based online food service company hopes to lift local restaurants, not bog them down with fees

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Online food ordering has seen a huge increase during the COVID-19 pandemic and has appeared to be a lifeline for local restaurants. But your favorite delivery app, whether Grubhub, Uber Eats, or DoorDash isn’t always the saving grace it appears to be. “We explored Grubhub at the beginning of this whole thing, […]