Olo’s Noah Glass: What Restaurants Don’t Know They Don’t Know About Delivery Aggregators

The trouble with existential threats is they very rarely show up and announce themselves. When Amazon launched in 1995, it looked to most as a one-trick eTailer that sold books online. A quarter-century later, that online bookstore has profoundly changed the retail landscape and every player operating within it. It would take the better part […]

Why Uber Eats in a small town simply doesn’t work

I live in a small city in Virginia. There are about 40,000 of us here. The old mills and factories litter the downtown area where I live. There have been huge revitalization efforts and it finally feels like a city plagued by its main breadwinner shutting down, Dan River Mills,  is at a turning point. […]

Grubhub: Delivering Underperformance

Grubhub has historically been dominant in online food ordering and delivery in the U.S. but is rapidly losing market share to competitors. Grubhub’s profitability is declining as a result of the higher costs associated with operating their own delivery network and this trend is likely to continue. Grubhub continues to view itself predominantly as a […]

Delivery.com Sees Local Partners as Key to Growth

After acquiring Mr. Delivery earlier this summer, Delivery.com sees this as the start of a metamorphosis that will result in the New York-based marketplace becoming a much larger player in the restaurant delivery world before diving deeper into alcohol, grocery and laundry-related delivery services. Part of its playbook includes “effectively syndicating” its merchant menus to […]

“Hardest it’s ever been”: Disrupted but not dejected, Australia’s restaurant owners discuss what’s next

If you’re thinking about opening a restaurant, cafe or bar, you may want to reconsider. That was the takeaway from a gathering of business owners at the coalface of Australia’s hospitality sector in Melbourne last night, as heads come together to try and chart a path through a period of unprecedented disruption. One restauranter, an […]

In-house? Third-party? Why Online Ordering Isn’t One or the Other for Restaurants in 2019

When it comes to online ordering, some restaurants will soon need to offer the functionality through their own apps as well as via third parties like Grubhub. Restaurant-tech powerhouse Toast indicated that much in its recently released “Restaurant Success in 2019” report, which surveyed 1,253 restaurants and 1,030 guests across the U.S. In the report, […]

Diners are delivery platform-loyal, study says

Roughly half (51%) of consumers have used a restaurant’s website to place an online order in the past month, while 38% have used an online order aggregating service like Grubhub, according to Toast’s Restaurant Success in 2019 industry report. Twenty-nine percent of guests surveyed have used a restaurant or food ordering service like LevelUp some time in […]

Guerrilla tactics: Food-delivery services take a bite out of local restaurants

It’s a slow Wednesday afternoon at The Brick Oven, where owner Dino Hoxhaj slides into one of his brown upholstered booths and heaves an exasperated sigh as he looks around his restaurant in the Rio Hill Shopping Center. “All the third parties suck,” he says, shaking his head. He’s talking about food-delivery services like DoorDash […]

The Future of Food Delivery Just Got Flatter

DoorDash, the delivery service that’s probably brought McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Chipotle to your door, has acquired Caviar, the delivery app that sold itself as the bougier option — where upscale restaurants like i Sodi in NYC, Destroyer in LA, and Duck Duck Goat in Chicago deigned to sell their wares. The sale, worth $410 million in cash […]

Grubhub competitors now on the menu

Small restaurants hunger for alternatives as complaints about platform abound When hunger strikes, many New Yorkers turn to Grubhub, a popular website and mobile platform that aggregates restaurant menus and facilitates deliveries. But lately the Chicago-based company’s business model has been leaving a bad taste in restaurant owners’ mouths. Complaints of fake websites meant to divert orders […]