Food service groups offer local alternatives to major delivery apps

Adam Fry had just started exploring third-party delivery services when the coronavirus pandemic upended the business model for his bar in northwest Washington, D.C. Ivy and Coney, a dive bar known for its Detroit and Chicago-style hot dogs, started leaning more heavily on popular delivery app Grubhub once its regular patrons couldn’t safely visit in […]

Restaurant Cooperative Chomps Back at High Delivery Commissions

We’ve written extensively about the local food scene in this space. Late last week we covered the acquisition of GrubHub by JustEat Takeaway and the recent rounds of cash DoorDash and InstaCart raised. One of the great things about our interconnected world is that sometimes a post like last week’s will be read by someone doing something very interesting in […]

Food Delivery Disruptor: Local Company Aims to be Lower Cost for Restaurants

If you’re trying to buy local during the coronavirus pandemic, chances are you’ve ordered restaurant food online and had it delivered to your home. While larger companies have dominated delivery service in recent years, a new, Connecticut based business has been gaining a foothold.  Shoreline Menus has taken advantage of an environment where there are a growing […]

Disrupting the disruptors: How restaurants and startups are flipping the table on meal platforms, and why UberEats should be worried

In the five short months between November 2015 and April 2016, Australia’s restaurant industry changed forever. First came UK-born Deliveroo, with its ‘rapid and aggressive’ growth strategy, and then UberEats, the eponymous delivery platform promising to help businesses reach new heights. Over the next four years, these two multinational businesses would turn Australia’s $42 billion cafe, restaurant and takeaway […]

The Grubhub conundrum: Restaurants wrestle with the high costs of third-party delivery services

Pierogi Mountain cited the cost of doing business with third-party delivery services in its recent decision to temporarily close up shop, and other restaurants have expressed similar frustrations with the financial model as delivery orders continue to dominate amid COVID-19 shutdownsIn late April, Pierogi Mountain announced it would temporarily close, citing the frequency of shopping […]

Lunchbox wants to help restaurants take on Grubhub

Lunchbox As city lawmakers seek to rein in Grubhub and Uber Eats commissions, Lunchbox, a Midtown startup, says it can offer a better deal.  The company this week finalized a $2 million fundraising round to expand its business, which provides restaurants with online ordering and marketing for a $300 flat rate each month. CEO Nabeel […]

Houston Restaurants Weigh Benefits and Pitfalls of Third-Party Delivery Services

A mere decade ago in Houston, restaurant delivery was limited to pizza joints and a handful of other restaurants. Third-party delivery services such as DoorDash, Uber Eats, Grubhub and Postmates have changed all that. What started with one online platform in 1995 — World Wide Waiter — is now a $18 billion industry in the United States, according to Restaurant Dive. In many ways, […]

Can local delivery companies save restaurants from the coronavirus and the tech giants?

Alex Foulkes’ restaurant got its first order from DoorDash more than a year ago. Foulkes, co-owner of Penny Lane Pub in Old Saybrook, had never agreed to work with DoorDash but a representative from the company was now phoning in an order. He’d later learn that DoorDash had posted Penny Lane Pub’s menu on its app and […]

Selling tech to restaurants made Toast a $5 billion start-up — a month later, the coronavirus struck

Toast was valued at almost $5 billion in February, coming off a year of 109% revenue growth. A month later, states from California to New York had imposed shelter-in-place rules, forcing restaurants to close except for takeout and delivery. Toast is using a chunk of the $400 million it just raised to provide free services […]

Toast Delivery Services™

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