N.Y. ride-hailing drivers file suit against Uber, allege they are owed millions in undercut wages

Ride-hailing drivers in New York City have filed a lawsuit against Uber that claims the company wrongfully deducted taxes from their paychecks and did not pay them the full income they earned from rides. The lawsuit was filed in federal court in Manhattan on Wednesday by the New York Taxi Workers Alliance, an organization with about 22,000 […]

Uber launches staffing business in Chicago

After more than a year in stealth mode, Uber, which became synonymous with “gig economy,” is launching a staffing business in Chicago on Friday to supply on-demand workers to other companies. The new business, called Uber Works, has been in stealth mode in Chicago for more than a year. It’s the second business outside Uber’s original […]

Uber Is Suing The City Of New York

On Friday, Uber sued the city of New York over pieces of legislation that limit the amount of time that drivers can spend cruising the streets waiting for passengers and the amount of for-hire vehicles in the city. The first rule would eventually restrict drivers to cruising 31 percent of the time, meaning that they […]

Uber Has Raised Nearly $10 Billion in Four Months. It Needs More.

It’s now been just over four months since Uber (NYSE:UBER) went public, which was one of the most highly anticipated IPOs of 2019. When companies go public with a traditional IPO, they raise boatloads of capital that ideally should help fund growth going forward. In Uber’s case, it raised roughly $8 billion in net proceeds from the offering after […]

Uber Lays Off Hundreds More Workers as It Struggles to Make Money

SACRAMENTO — Uber laid off 435 workers in its product and engineering teams on Tuesday, the company’s second round of cuts in recent months as it struggles to make money. The cuts, which total about 8 percent of Uber’s global product and engineering group, follow 400 layoffs in July from the marketing team. In a […]

How Uber Makes Its Drivers Pay

Uber lost $5.24 billion in the second quarter this year and seems to have no clear path to profitability. But even that loss is understated, because a substantial part of the expense is not included in Uber’s income statement and is instead pushed onto drivers: the wear and tear the job puts on their cars. […]

As Uber’s stock craters amid billions in unanticipated losses, a hiring freeze on engineers

Uber — a bezzle — projected $8b in losses this year; but it lost more than $5b in a single quarter, and despite an initial stock price rise (dead cat bounce?) the company’s shares have tumbled by more than 10% since, hitting an all-time low. Engineers who were scheduled to interview at Uber have had those interviews canceled by the company’s […]

Uber, Lyft Use Apps To Get Drivers To Oppose Employee Status

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — Fearing a proposed California law that would clarify that drivers for Uber and Lyft are employees, the companies are sending messages to drivers through the apps they use to work asking them to oppose the law. “When I press to go with Uber, I get a notification and the notification […]

Uber eats Uber Eats, embedding it in the main app

Uber’s  best hope to beat all its ride sharing and food delivery competitors is that it does both. Through cross-promotion, it can combine activities people might only do a few times per week or month into a product they open daily. …But TechCrunch has discovered that specifically, Uber is starting to make a web view of Uber […]