How food delivery upstarts are fighting the tyranny of Grubhub

“The pandemic really just crushed us,” says Sean Li, cofounder of CaterCow, a platform that partners with restaurants to deliver big batch buffet-like food options primarily to offices and event spaces across eight major U.S. cities. When most nonessential businesses shut their doors in mid-March and people started working from their living rooms, Li says he […]

Vroom Service Now is Joining the Network

NEW YORK, July 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ —, a leading destination for online ordering today announced that Vroom Service Now has joined the network. Vroom Service Now, which serves central Connecticut and Putnam County, NY, will now be available exclusively through the website and app. The current Vroom Service Now management and teams will remain local in the northeast to leverage their roots. […]

New app aims to be a more appetizing delivery solution for restaurants

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, food delivery companies have been criticized for the large fees they charge restaurants as more people stay home and opt for delivery options. But GoLogic Solutions, a Chicago startup building a delivery SaaS platform, wants to address restaurant owners’ complaints. GoLogic, founded in 2016 by Patrice Darby, is the marker of GoLocal, a small business […]

Restaurant Cooperative Chomps Back at High Delivery Commissions

We’ve written extensively about the local food scene in this space. Late last week we covered the acquisition of GrubHub by JustEat Takeaway and the recent rounds of cash DoorDash and InstaCart raised. One of the great things about our interconnected world is that sometimes a post like last week’s will be read by someone doing something very interesting in […]

MyTown2Go is Joining the Network

NEW YORK, July 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ —, a leading destination for local online food ordering and delivery that connects consumers and corporate clients to their favorite local businesses, today announced it is significantly expanding the reach and capabilities of its platform.  This expansion is due to nationwide food delivery service MyTown2Go. MyTown2Go brands Dinner Dart in Mississippi, Go Cravy in Florida and […] Expands to the Monterey Bay Area

NEW YORK, June 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ —, a leading destination for online ordering today announced that Doorbell Dining has joined the network. Doorbell Dining, which serves the Monterey, Salinas and Santa Cruz areas, will now be available exclusively through the website and app. The current Doorbell Dining management and teams will remain local to leverage their roots. The team is proud to take a […]

Food Delivery Disruptor: Local Company Aims to be Lower Cost for Restaurants

If you’re trying to buy local during the coronavirus pandemic, chances are you’ve ordered restaurant food online and had it delivered to your home. While larger companies have dominated delivery service in recent years, a new, Connecticut based business has been gaining a foothold.  Shoreline Menus has taken advantage of an environment where there are a growing […]

Can local delivery companies save restaurants from the coronavirus and the tech giants?

Alex Foulkes’ restaurant got its first order from DoorDash more than a year ago. Foulkes, co-owner of Penny Lane Pub in Old Saybrook, had never agreed to work with DoorDash but a representative from the company was now phoning in an order. He’d later learn that DoorDash had posted Penny Lane Pub’s menu on its app and […]

Lazy Boy owner reflects on eight years of Iowa City eats

Millennials are ordering their dinner through apps. Elizabeth Keatinge has more. Before the rise and fall of OrderUp in Iowa City, before GrubHub, Chomp and Uber Eats, Jermaine Ramsey was here. For almost a decade, he’s been the local business ahead of the curve and outlasting the competition. His desk is the dashboard of his truck, his […]

Restaurants ask customers to use in-house delivery to support locals

Monica’s (Photo: Special to PC Media) If it wasn’t for delivery and carry out, the popular Coralville restaurant Monica’s would be out of business. “We were saved by take-out and carry-out, even though it’s a fraction of what we normally do,” explained restaurant owner Randy Larson. “About 20% of our sales right now are delivery and […]