Grubhub – DoorDash – Seamless Delivery Service Fraud

Melanie Wong | Jan 26, 202006:53 AM18 Last night Pim Techamuanvivit discovered that Grubhub, Seamless and Yelp delivery services have fake listings for her San Francisco restaurant, Kin Khao, to accept food orders on their sites. Her restaurant does not fulfill the food for these orders. And DoorDash has a fake listing for her other restaurant, Nari. […]

Restaurants That Don’t Even Deliver Are Ending Up on Grubhub Against Their Will

Restaurants across the country have been facing a peculiar problem: Delivery drivers show up to pick up orders the restaurant never knew about, and customers call to check in on orders the restaurant never received. These restaurants don’t actually do delivery, but they ended up on apps and delivery websites, anyway. The result is a […]

SF restaurant Kin Khao doesn’t offer delivery; Seamless sold an order to a customer anyway

Pim Techamuanvivit was managing her San Francisco Thai restaurant, Kin Khao, Saturday night around 8:30 p.m. when she got an unexpected call. A customer was wondering when food from his order on the online food delivery company Seamless was coming, as he had been waiting 45 minutes. “I think you must be confused because I […]

Restaurants and customers are getting caught in a food-delivery war

The food courier last weekend looked familiar to Laura Lyons, who with her husband, Todd, owns Love & Honey Fried Chicken in Northern Liberties. But when he took out a Love & Honey menu bearing long-outdated items and prices, and attempted to place a takeout order using a credit card bearing the logo of the […]

DoorDash, Grubhub skewered by small restaurants for posting menus without permission

Third-party delivery services can help market a small business but often comes at a steep price for operators with some commissions as high as 30% Mom and pop restaurants are fed up with third-party delivery services listing their restaurants on takeout platforms without their permission. Grubhub, Postmates and DoorDash are putting restaurants on its apps and websites without […]

Philly Restaurants Revolt Over Unauthorized Food Delivery “Partnerships”

Grubhub, Doordash, and Postmates have been listing some Philly restaurants’ menus and information on their sites without permission, leaving small-business owners to deal with the consequences. Philly’s Love & Honey Fried Chicken shared an image of a complaint against Grubhub on Instagram over the weekend, threatening legal action if the restaurant’s menu was not removed from the site. By […]

DoorDash Contractors Earn Less Than Dogshit, Study Finds

Delivery platform DoorDash has been at the top of the public’s most hated gig economy value extraction firms for some time, owing largely to its prior policy of subsidizing its wages with customers’ tips. According to a study released today, even with that policy repealed, the efficiency of DoorDash’s race-to-the-bottom pay structure nets workers an estimated $1.45 […]

No free lunch, but almost:

Food delivery app DoorDash has grown rapidly into the national industry leader, serving all 50 states and outpacing GrubHub, Uber Eats, Postmates, and other players with an estimated 35% marketshare in a rapidly-expanding segment. The company is reportedly preparing for an IPO and has been valued at a remarkable $12.6 billion.  DoorDash has also been […]

DoorDash takes the lead in the food delivery wars as the landscape dramatically shifts in 2019

DoorDash captured 33% of the U.S. market, Grubhub 32%, Uber Eats 20% and Postmates 10%. Digital food delivery is projected to be a $467 billion dollar business by 2025. Digital food delivery sale have grown by 13% or more each of the past five years. DoorDash’s rapid growth in 2019 allowed it to edge past […]

Little caesars teams up with DoorDash to offer nationwide delivery

Little Caesars Enterprises Inc. has teamed up with DoorDash Inc. to offer nationwide delivery, as it seeks to navigate the expanding world of mobile and online ordering that’s threatening to sap business from laggards. Starting Monday, delivery will be available at about 90% of Little Caesars’ U.S. locations. The prices are the same as carryout, […]