DoorDash Won Food Delivery by Seizing the Suburbs and $2 Billion

(Bloomberg) — There aren’t many jobs in Davidson, North Carolina, that offer the flexibility and decent pay that Alfonso Auz was looking for. He tried a bunch of gigs, including driving for Uber, before eventually settling on DoorDash Inc. Auz, 47, usually makes at least $150 a day delivering food from restaurants in his hometown, without having to […]

N.Y. ride-hailing drivers file suit against Uber, allege they are owed millions in undercut wages

Ride-hailing drivers in New York City have filed a lawsuit against Uber that claims the company wrongfully deducted taxes from their paychecks and did not pay them the full income they earned from rides. The lawsuit was filed in federal court in Manhattan on Wednesday by the New York Taxi Workers Alliance, an organization with about 22,000 […]

DoorDash Completes Caviar Transaction, Has Consolidation Begun?

The first day of November marked the completion of DoorDash’s acquisition of Caviar, the largest in the spate of DoorDash acquisitions the company took on last year. DoorDash and Square, which previously owned Caviar, first announced the $410 million deal in August of 2019. In all, it looks like a good acquisition for the company […]

Ordermark integrates with DoorDash Drive to enhance delivery services

Online ordering platform Ordermark has signed an agreement with DoorDash to offer optimised on-demand delivery solutions to its customers. Under the agreement, Ordermark will integrate DoorDash Drive delivery solutions into its platform to enable its restaurants to benefit from the integrated services. This is expected to allow restaurant owners to simplify their operations and support […]

WeWork’s Collapse Could Be a Warning for Food Delivery Apps

The unprecedented collapse of the We Company, which went from a $47 billion debutante to the brink of failure in just a few short weeks, marked a turning point in the stock market. Investors have since become warier of several other recent IPO’s, sending stock prices for a number of them, including Uber (NYSE:UBER) and Lyft, plunging. The market has become skeptical […]

Ghost kitchens could be the new normal

“To-go or not to-go.” That used to be the question. Then food delivery became commonplace, and with 60 percent of restaurant orders now off-premises, it’s pretty much mandatory for restaurants who want to stay competitive. Now the big question is whether ghost kitchens will soon become mandatory, too. It certainly seems likely, particularly in light of […]

DoorDash Kitchens opens country’s first shared food-delivery company kitchen on the Peninsula

Fast food is Patrick Mock’s bread and butter. As a Northern California franchisee of The Halal Guys, the Morgan Hill native has watched the Bay Area restaurant industry change dramatically over the last 10 years, from a focus on sit-down dining to the current high demand for delivery. “Convenience over location — it’s a big […]

The Biggest Names in Food Delivery Are Getting into the Restaurant Business

DoorDash, Grubhub, and Uber Eats all made ‘virtual restaurant’ announcements this month. Online restaurant delivery services are flourishing, in large part, because they fill a void: an easy, one-stop way to order food from a variety of your favorite restaurants and have it brought directly to your door. But as the industry has matured, more and […]

DoorDash snags 13% lead over Grubhub in share of spend

DoorDash’s market share of delivery transactions grew from 27% to 35% during the first half of September, while Uber Eats slipped from 29% to 25% of spend and Grubhub fell from 30% to 22%, according to an Edison Trends report emailed to Restaurant Dive. Since March 2018, Grubhub dropped from first place in terms of consumer spend to […]

Waitr: Bankruptcy Fears Are Overblown

Author: Dominic Teo Competition, particularly from DoorDash, has had a material impact on Waitr’s business, along with that of other food-delivery companies including Grubhub, Postmates and Uber Eats. However, Waitr still has a lead in restaurant supply in its core markets of small and medium cities in Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi among others. Based on […]