Food deliveries booming in pandemic while other parts of ‘gig economy’ not in demand

Just like other sectors of the workforce, the “gig economy” hasn’t been able to navigate the coronavirus pandemic unscathed — but some independent contractors are far more in demand than others. Unlike a traditional job that pays a salary and benefits, gig workers are paid by the job — or the “gig” — and leverage […]

Restaurant Cooperative Chomps Back at High Delivery Commissions

We’ve written extensively about the local food scene in this space. Late last week we covered the acquisition of GrubHub by JustEat Takeaway and the recent rounds of cash DoorDash and InstaCart raised. One of the great things about our interconnected world is that sometimes a post like last week’s will be read by someone doing something very interesting in […]

Lazy Boy owner reflects on eight years of Iowa City eats

Millennials are ordering their dinner through apps. Elizabeth Keatinge has more. Before the rise and fall of OrderUp in Iowa City, before GrubHub, Chomp and Uber Eats, Jermaine Ramsey was here. For almost a decade, he’s been the local business ahead of the curve and outlasting the competition. His desk is the dashboard of his truck, his […]

Restaurants ask customers to use in-house delivery to support locals

Monica’s (Photo: Special to PC Media) If it wasn’t for delivery and carry out, the popular Coralville restaurant Monica’s would be out of business. “We were saved by take-out and carry-out, even though it’s a fraction of what we normally do,” explained restaurant owner Randy Larson. “About 20% of our sales right now are delivery and […]

4 things you should know about NoCo Nosh…

It has been a really long and hectic day and the last thing you want to do is cook dinner tonight… so what are your options to get your favorite local restaurant to deliver your favorite meal? You could definitely use huge national corporations like Grubhub, DoorDash and even Uber Eats but these out-of-state businesses […]

Grubhub serves up new controversy in Iowa City market

Grubhub was effectively chased from the Iowa City-area market more than two years ago when local restaurateurs banded together to launch their own homegrown delivery service, CHOMP , in protest of the company doubling service fees.Now the Chicago-based delivery behemoth is back in town, and it’s not winning many friends this time, either.According to CHOMP co-founder Adam […]

Grubhub begins adding Iowa City restaurants without asking

A slew of area restaurants have been added to Grubhub’s delivery list recently without notifying them, and restaurateurs are not happy about it. “I would call it a scam,” said Derek Perez, the owner of El Banditos, who discovered his business was put on Grubhub’s website earlier this week despite the fact he has not made an agreement with them. […]

On-Demand Delivery And Its Future | The Barron Report Podcast

Jon Sewell and a group of industry leaders have banded together to create Motus, a company whose mission is to create a sustainable solution for restaurant delivery services and allow local restaurants to regain control of how their products get to their customers.•The process to establish a restaurant delivery co-op will begin with the Motusteam […]

Local food delivery service CHOMP honored for ‘impact and innovation’

As national food-delivery corporations such as Grubhub and Uber Eats expand across the nation, CHOMP is turning its attention to local Iowa City restaurants to provide them with support. Local food-delivery service CHOMP recently won the “Impact and Innovation” award at the Iowa City Area Chamber of Commerce “A Toast to Our Communities” breakfast on […]

Food delivery methods evolving in Iowa City

Food delivery is changing in Iowa City. Not only have local services like Lazy Boy Food Delivery and CHOMP emerged for local restaurants, national companies like DoorDash and UberEats are also active in this food-obsessed college town. The most recent restaurant to launch an Iowa City delivery service is Panera Bread in the Old Capital Mall, which opened earlier this year. According to Panera Bread’s delivery and […]