Your Fare Raises ‘All Angel’ Round of $2.4 Million

Your Fare, one of the handful of service companies helping restaurant operators make sense of digital delivery, announced a successful venture funding round of $2.4 million. Founder and CEO Chris Monk said the company, which started as a basic accounting tool for online delivery services, has evolved into a more robust offering, including a singular […]

Omnivore Ditches Talent-Poaching Silicon Valley

Restaurant software brand Omnivore is busting out of its Silicon Valley birthplace, where co-founder and CEO Mike Wior says the culture changed from a “renaissance of ideas” to an environment where top talent is frequently lured away by the Googles, Salesforces and Pied Pipers of the world. It will keep some staffers in the Valley […]

‘Nobody has a stellar record’: Popular food delivery apps may be advertising wrong prices, menus

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — If you’re thinking about ordering delivery for dinner or lunch, take note. There are so many ways to get food delivered now with the different food apps, but they aren’t without their problems. In fact, Eyewitness News anchor John Paul found some local restaurants are fighting these companies and asking them not to […]

Grubhub, Doordash Sued by Restaurant Group Over Trademarks (2)

Food delivery app makers Grubhub Inc. and Doordash Inc. were sued by a New Hampshire restaurant group for allegedly infringing its trademarks by offering deliveries from its restaurants without permission. Great New Hampshire Restaurants Inc. said Monday that it has asked Grubhub and Doordash to remove the group’s listings multiple times because of complaints about the delivery […]

How To Remove Postmates Links In Google Local Knowledge Panel

One of the more annoying things I run into with the Google local panels is a link to order online that simply does not work. In fact, I see it so often that I do not trust the links Google shows in the local knowledge panel. Instead, I go directly to the business web site […]

How Trip Inferences and Machine Learning Optimize Delivery Times on Uber Eats

TweetShareShareVoteReddit In Uber’s ride-hailing business, a driver picks up a user from a curbside or other location, and then drops them off at their destination, completing a trip. Uber Eats, our food delivery service, faces a more complex trip model. When a user requests a food order in the app, the specified restaurant begins preparing […]

Uber’s Latest Trick Is Working

I’ve been placing more restaurant delivery orders through Uber (NYSE:UBER) lately, and it’s at this point where I may as well dab my lips with my napkin and congratulate the ridesharing giant for a nudge done well. Let’s start at the beginning, with Uber’s first promotional course. A couple of weeks ago, Uber Eats sent me a promotion […]

Domino’s Eyes $2.6M Fees Over ‘Baseless’ Menu Patent Suit

Domino’s Pizza has told a California federal court that it is entitled to fees after beating an infringement suit lodged by the owner of several online menu patents, featuring destroyed evidence, lies from the company’s president and “baseless” allegations. more

Grubhub threatens ChowNow over ‘sky-high’ fee accusations

Knives are out at Grubhub after a competitor accused it of bleeding its restaurant partners dry with “sky-high” fees, The Post has learned. The Chicago-based food-delivery giant has sent a cease-and-desist order to rival ChowNow for claiming Grubhub charges commissions of as much as 40 percent with an average “take rate” of 35 percent, according […]

P.F. Chang’s Opens World’s First ‘To-Go’ Restaurant Today in Chicago

After closing the last of its Chicago bistros last month, P.F. Chang’s, the venerable 27-year-old Chinese-American chain, debuts the first in its new line of smaller restaurants that concentrate on carry out, delivery, and catering. P.F. Chang’s To Go opens Monday morning at 213 W. Hubbard Street in River North. P.F. Chang’s plans to open 20 of […]