Report: 70 Percent of Delivery Orders in 2022 Will Come From Third-party Services Like DoorDash

Restaurant food delivery from third-party services like DoorDash and Grubhub will account for 70 percent of all delivery orders by 2022, according to a new report from CBRE Group. It’s a surprising prediction — said no one ever. CBRE’s new report, the third in the firm’s U.S. Food in Demand series, is one of many, many pieces of research confirming […]

Google Adds Hungr to its Roster of Third-party Delivery Partners

Google continues to connect your search for food with the ability to get it quickly, as the company has now integrated third-party restaurant ordering and delivery service Hungr to Google Search, Maps and Assistant. Hungr announced the partnership today. With it, restaurants using Hungr’s ordering and fulfillment platform can now offer those services directly from a user’s Google search. […]

GrubHub CEO: We‘re willing to spend aggressively on the future to beat our competitors

will continue investing in its long-term strategy and differentiate itself in the crowded online food ordering space even as its stock faces pressure, CEO Matt Maloney told CNBC. “I have always been willing to be extremely aggressive investing in the future,” he said in a Thursday one-on-one with “‘s” . Cramer noted that Wall Street […]

Olo and BMW Partner for In-car Restaurant Food Ordering

As the restaurant industry continues searching for ways to serve up off-premise meals at faster speeds, in-car ordering is one approach becoming more common. BMW is the latest automaker to join this conversation, having just partnered with restaurant-tech company Olo to make food ordering available directly from its vehicles. According to an Olo press release, the two companies […]

Podcast: Interview with Alex Ware of Foodsby

Discuss Caviar acquisition by Caviar. Foodsby focuses on aggregating delivery from a small selection of restaurants to suburban office buildings to lower delivery fees. Pooled orders. Restaurant makes the delivery. They charge $1.99 to each consumer. User picks food up from kiosk at designated time. Average $180-$200 per day per restaurant. Says that fees average […]

Why Chuy’s Is Fighting to Control Food Delivery Data

Food-delivery service DoorDash is now worth more than $13 billion after a new round of private funding. Founded just six years ago, the company has capitalized on the growing delivery trend in the restaurant industry and is now the largest third-party delivery service in the world. Virtually all restaurant chains are using one or multiple delivery services […]

Using An App To Order Pickup From Your Favorite Restaurant May Be Convenient, But It Might Cost You Extra

CHICAGO (CBS) — GrubHub, Postmates, Uber Eats, and other apps allow people to order food for pickup at their favorite restaurants, and avoid the lines. What you might not know is that the prices charged on those apps are often higher than what you’d pay ordering directly from the restaurant itself. With a few clicks on […]

Uber Eats readies ad sales for restaurants

Ads are coming to Uber Eats. TechCrunch reported that Uber is seeking an executive to help develop and run a new ads business. Under pressure. This makes sense for several reasons. Restaurants have been conditioned by other ad platforms, including Google and Yelp, to pay for placement and exposure. And Uber is under significant pressure from investors to […]

Restaurants using the Ordermark order management service now get special deals from Uber Eats

In a new deal tying Uber Eats closer to the Los Angeles-based delivery management service Ordermark, the companies are offering special discounts to restaurants that use the service. Uber Eats  is giving all Ordermark restaurants a preferred fee rate, waiving the upfront set-up fee, and fully eliminating the need for the Uber Eats tablet in the restaurant, the companies […]