integrates with Olo’s platform for delivery and pickup

Online food ordering website has integrated with Olo’s Rails platform to enable ordering and delivery for Olo’s restaurant partners. Orders placed on app or website will directly flow into Olo restaurant partner’s POS systems, which can reduce time spent on logistics and boost order accuracy. Integration with Olo Rails platform enables restaurants to […]

Your Fare Raises ‘All Angel’ Round of $2.4 Million

Your Fare, one of the handful of service companies helping restaurant operators make sense of digital delivery, announced a successful venture funding round of $2.4 million. Founder and CEO Chris Monk said the company, which started as a basic accounting tool for online delivery services, has evolved into a more robust offering, including a singular […]

Do we forget about pickup when we talk off-premise?

When it comes to off-premise, the restaurant industry has been focused on delivery. This makes sense — delivery logistics are complicated, and the third-party fees are high, as are the chances that things can go wrong. But 93% of off-premise operations are still traditional takeout, meaning customers enter the restaurant to pick up the orders […]

Olo’s Possible IPO Plan Could Come Amid Food Delivery Shifts

One of the biggest questions faced by quick-service restaurants (QSRs) and other eateries is how to deal with online delivery, and what kinds of business relationships to build and maintain with third-party delivery providers. That question was put under the spotlight on Monday (Jan. 6) when news emerged, as covered by PYMNTS, that food software startup […]

Olo Rumored To Go Public In 2020 With Possible $1B Valuation

Food software startup Olo, named after the phrase “online ordering,” might have plans to file an initial public offering (IPO) in 2020, according to a report from Bloomberg. The company, which is based in New York, is looking for a $1 billion valuation. Olo has been interviewing possible advisers since the end of last year. Olo gives […]

Olo and BMW Partner for In-car Restaurant Food Ordering

As the restaurant industry continues searching for ways to serve up off-premise meals at faster speeds, in-car ordering is one approach becoming more common. BMW is the latest automaker to join this conversation, having just partnered with restaurant-tech company Olo to make food ordering available directly from its vehicles. According to an Olo press release, the two companies […]

Why Chuy’s Is Fighting to Control Food Delivery Data

Food-delivery service DoorDash is now worth more than $13 billion after a new round of private funding. Founded just six years ago, the company has capitalized on the growing delivery trend in the restaurant industry and is now the largest third-party delivery service in the world. Virtually all restaurant chains are using one or multiple delivery services […]

Olo’s Noah Glass: What Restaurants Don’t Know They Don’t Know About Delivery Aggregators

The trouble with existential threats is they very rarely show up and announce themselves. When Amazon launched in 1995, it looked to most as a one-trick eTailer that sold books online. A quarter-century later, that online bookstore has profoundly changed the retail landscape and every player operating within it. It would take the better part […]

Olo, Google Partner for Seamless Ordering

The delivery world is rife with partnerships these days as the landscape continues to evolve. A new partnership between Olo and Google shows that the growing delivery industry is shaping how some of the world’s most impactful companies do business, while making it even more frictionless to order delivery meals. With the new partnership, digital […]