Gig Economy Regulation Under Biden

This week, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris began their terms as president and vice president. Both Biden and Harris have expressed views on a range of technology policy issues that are bound to be discussed in Congress as well as state legislatures over the next few years. In the coming days, we will analyze Biden’s […]

DoorDash Has All The Makings Of The “Next Amazon”

Amazon’s future looked bleak after the tech bubble burst earlier that year. The online shopping pioneer was hemorrhaging cash, forcing it to cut 15% of its workforce. Top fund managers cut Amazon from their portfolios. And over the following year, its stock price sank from $105 to $5. In 2000, Amazon was a small online store selling […]

Denver-based ‘virtual kitchen’ concept enters Memphis market

Geoff Madding, CEO of Nextbite, defines the concept as a “virtual kitchen.” Madding has a background in restaurants and startups. He combined the two to start Nextbite, which recently entered the Memphis market. The company began as an outgrowth of the tech company Ordermark, which consolidates the ordering process for restaurants using third-party delivery companies […]


A couple of years ago, Burma Superstar was faced with one of those problems most restaurants would love to have: It was too popular. Its four full-service concepts in the Bay Area were operating at capacity, with customers regularly lined up out the door for its signature tea leaf salad and other Burmese specialities. And then […]

How a new delivery model could save restaurants struggling with rising costs

High delivery costs are eating into the dwindling profits of restaurant and food companies struggling during the pandemic, but one expert says new pricing models could help them survive. Michael von Massow, a professor and food economist with the University of Guelph’s department of food, agricultural and resource economics, believes the entire business model of food […]

LoCo Co-op Franchising

Band together with the restaurants in your community to form a local delivery co-op that’s independently owned, operated, and controlled. Stop dishing out big slices of your revenue to national third-party delivery companies who don’t know your business. Little by little, companies like GrubHub and Uber Eats are doing to independent restaurants what Amazon did […]

@Pizza Partnership. UBER

Wanted to reach out to follow up on our outreach on Instagram.  A bit more info on what we are about…. We’re working with Jerry Media (@F***Jerry, 15.5m net IG social media followers), @Pizza and RaaS (the top virtual restaurant company) are curating the world’s best pizzerias to launch @Pizza’s virtual restaurant exclusively on Uber […]

Relay Gives Restaurants ‘Agnostic’ Self-Delivery Option

There’s a growing number of options for restaurants looking to reduce the impact of delivery commissions and capture customer data through a self-delivery program. Relay Delivery, an East Coast delivery fleet operator, argues restaurants should seek a native solution that doesn’t include working with third-party providers, which its CEO argues is like letting a fox […]

Spain’s Glovo Looks to Speed Up Delivery Commerce

Glovo stands out as a fairly unique approach to third-party delivery that combines a lot of unique operations from dark kitchens and warehouses to tightly packed pickup centers. At first blush, the company that operates in 22 countries looks a lot like a standard third-party delivery startup. It taps into 46,000 couriers to deliver all […]

Minnesota Restaurateur Leans into Off-Prem to Grow Empire

Gerard Klass, co-founder of Soul Bowl in Minneapolis, is arguably sitting on more big ideas than any other chef in town, and he’s well versed in how trends toward off-premises dining can fuel his plans to grow a multi-concept empire. Having just launched a delivery- and takeout-only wings concept, Klass is taxiing the runway before […]