Domino’s is now tipping customers who tip their delivery drivers

Domino’s Pizza is tipping its customers yet again, with a new “You Tip, We Tip” promotion, beginning April 29, which offers customers a $3 coupon for their next order when they tip their delivery drivers $3 or more.

The “catch” is that the $3 coupon is only good for the next week’s delivery order, essentially encouraging Domino’s customers to become returning customers on a weekly basis. Additionally, the tipping deal is only available through first-party channels, which nudges customers to get delivery through Domino’s direct ordering channels, even though the company just started partnering with third-party delivery services last year (exclusively Uber Eats and Postmates for now).

“Domino’s drivers have been hustling to deliver hot, delicious pizzas since 1960, and we love that customers have been tipping them for their great service since day one,” Kate Trumbull, Domino’s senior vice president and chief brand officersaid in a statement. “But these days, everywhere you go, there’s a tip screen. The pressure to tip is real, even when no extra service is provided. So, we decided to flip the script and show our appreciation by tipping customers back.” 

This is an extension of a previous “customer tipping” program that Domino’s introduced in Jan. 2022, which offered carryout customers a $3 tip (similarly a coupon good for an order placed the following week) simply for choosing the option of picking up their pizza instead of relying on delivery. At the time, Domino’s delivery channels were overwhelmed pre-Uber Eats partnership announcement, and the company began relying more and more on carryout as delivery labor struggles continued through 2023.

At the time of the previous iteration of a customer coupon, Domino’s CEO Russell Weiner called it a “marketing innovation,” because whereas most companies call this type of coupon a “bounce back coupon,” Domino’s thought it would be clever to call it a tip since Domino’s is so well-known as a delivery-forward company.

The final key aspect of this new tipping promotion is the support of drivers, as Domino’s has historically struggled with labor levels, particularly with drivers. This is not the first employee-facing support Domino’s has released recently. At the end of 2023, the pizza company said that it would be releasing a new labor tool this year that will, alongside another forecasting tool the company already has, be able to provide better schedules and flexibility for the pizza company’s employees.


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