Food delivery apps could soon face state regulations in Florida

TAMPA – A Florida bill now on the governor’s desk may give the state regulatory control over food delivery apps like Uber and GrubHub.

The bill aims to protect restaurants and consumers, according to lawmakers in Tallahassee.

Key aspects of the proposed law include making sure restaurants don’t appear on a platform unless they want to be there, and that these companies cannot intentionally inflate or deflate restaurant pricing.

The measure also calls for itemized costs for customers and allows for more communication between the restaurant and the person ordering food if something goes wrong. The Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association supports the bill.

“It itemized this that transaction says how much you’re paying, how much the taxes are, how much the different fees that may be added,” said Samantha Padgett, with the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association. “If anything, it will increase the information they have regarding their transaction. It also has a piece that should increase their ability to communicate with the restaurant during the transaction, and following the transaction if they have a return, a complaint, a concern.”

The legislation is supported by a number of influential groups, including Uber, which sent FOX 13 a statement, saying in part:

“…Florida’s consumers, restaurants, and food delivery platforms need a consistent standard for transparency and consent…We are aligned with the Florida Restaurant Association in ensuring that consumer information is protected and that consumers are able to maintain control of their information, including their contact information.”

The bill passed the Florida Legislature without a single “no” this session, so it’s on Governor DeSantis’ desk for a signature.


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