NYC Council bills aim to slash food delivery fees

Big Apple legislators are about to take a stab at regulating food delivery giants like Grubhub and UberEats. The New York City Council on Thursday will be presented with a package of six bills aimed at reducing the fees food delivery apps can charge city restaurants to 10 percent, down from as much as 30 […]

NYC May Soon Limit What Delivery Apps Can Charge Restaurants

City Council bill aims to slash food delivery fees In its latest effort to curtail the unfettered growth of food delivery services like Grubhub and Uber Eats, the New York City Council is set to introduce a package of bills today that will limit the amount of commission these apps can charge restaurants in the […]

‘Nobody has a stellar record’: Popular food delivery apps may be advertising wrong prices, menus

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — If you’re thinking about ordering delivery for dinner or lunch, take note. There are so many ways to get food delivered now with the different food apps, but they aren’t without their problems. In fact, Eyewitness News anchor John Paul found some local restaurants are fighting these companies and asking them not to […]

Grubhub, Doordash Sued by Restaurant Group Over Trademarks (2)

Food delivery app makers Grubhub Inc. and Doordash Inc. were sued by a New Hampshire restaurant group for allegedly infringing its trademarks by offering deliveries from its restaurants without permission. Great New Hampshire Restaurants Inc. said Monday that it has asked Grubhub and Doordash to remove the group’s listings multiple times because of complaints about the delivery […]

Food Delivery Services DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Postmates Might Merge

One way to figure out how long someone’s lived in San Francisco is to bring up app-based food delivery. To folks who arrived here after their popularity (say, in the early 2010s), it’s a service that’s always been here and is too ubiquitous to fail. But folks who have lived here longer than that have […]

Waitr’s reclassification of drivers turns alcohol-delivery law essentially moot

After Waitr executives pushed for the Louisiana Legislature to open the door for alcohol delivery in the state last year, the company’s decision to reclassify its workers as independent contractors essentially makes the law moot.  Waitr’s WARN notice was posted with the Louisiana Workforce Commission yesterday afternoon, announcing the company was laying off its entire […]


On demand, human cloud platform Instacart will likely have to classify its full-time shoppers in California as employees rather than independent contractors, Bloomberg Law reported. The tentative ruling came Friday in a lawsuit brought against Instacart by the San Diego City Attorney’s Office. The move comes under the more-strict ABC test for independent contractor misclassification that […]

Waitr to lay off all 2,300 Louisiana drivers in these 5 markets; some to become contractors

Waitr will lay off 2,300 Louisiana employees in April as the restaurant delivery company transitions drivers from hourly employees to independent contractors. The Louisiana Workforce Commission released details on Monday from a legally required notice filed by Waitr earlier this month. Waitr will be instituting a layoff for all of its drivers in every market across […]

Domino’s Eyes $2.6M Fees Over ‘Baseless’ Menu Patent Suit

Domino’s Pizza has told a California federal court that it is entitled to fees after beating an infringement suit lodged by the owner of several online menu patents, featuring destroyed evidence, lies from the company’s president and “baseless” allegations. more

New Laws Would Ban Delivery Apps From Adding Restaurants Without Their Permission

A frustrated tweet from a San Francisco restaurant owner might have started the ball rolling on a new set of laws, as legislators in California and Rhode Island are now mulling proposed regulations for food delivery companies that would include a ban on listings for restaurants that haven’t officially partnered with the company. The tale is […]