Uber Eats faces backlash over customer complaints of order issues, no refunds

CHICAGO – A food fight is brewing between Uber Eats and customers as complaints rise over a lack of refunds.

Many Uber Eats customers say they’ve ordered food but that it never shows up, or it’s the wrong order and they don’t get a refund.

For weeks, customers have been reaching out to FOX 32 Chicago with complaints. Now, we finally have a response from Uber Eats.

Matthew Graczyk ordered $77.13 worth of tacos and more from a fast-food chain, using Uber Eats, but the restaurant told him the order never came through.

The Graczyks contacted customer support through the app and were told, “We won’t be able to provide you with a price adjustment or free cancellation on this order.”

“This order that we were having this issue with was supposed to feed everyone for the weekend, but it ended up never even coming,” Graczyk said. “They said we were not eligible for a refund.”

Graczyk isn’t alone in his frustration. Sherri Henry sent us a picture for a $64 order, but it wasn’t her order. She had ordered a meal for over $21 and never received it.

“I told them I couldn’t eat some stuff on here because of allergies, and they were like you can’t get a refund for it,” said Henry.

After several emails, Uber Eats provided FOX 32 with a statement.

“Without specific details, I’m unable to look into cases. However, information about refunds and what customers should do when things go wrong can be found here.”

The page we were directed to mentions that they track customer refund history and block customers who abuse the refund policy from submitting claims. It also says they require photo evidence before making a refund decision.

Graczyk says he never abused the policy.

“It comes down to trying to find out where and who needs to be held accountable for it instead of sticking it to the customers,” he said.

Both Graczyk and Henry say they still haven’t received refunds.


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