dlivrd and Zuppler Forge Strategic Partnership to Transform Restaurant Catering Services

dlivrd and Zuppler proudly announce their strategic partnership, seamlessly integrating their two respective platforms. This alliance will transform the way restaurants manage catering orders by merging Zuppler’s innovative restaurant online ordering system with dlivrd’s expansive network of qualified catering driver partners and delivery management technology.

Chris Heffernan, Founder & CEO of dlivrd, expressed his enthusiasm for this hometown collaboration: “At dlivrd, we’ve always strived to provide a top-notch delivery experience. Our partnership with Zuppler takes this commitment to the next level. By integrating our network of catering drivers with Zuppler’s online ordering platform, we’re redefining catering services for restaurants and their customers. Plus, we love working with companies in our own backyard of Philadelphia!”

Zuppler is renowned for its pioneering of online ordering solutions, empowering restaurants to create customized, branded online ordering systems that effortlessly blend with their online presence at affordable price points. This innovative platform offers a convenient ordering experience, adapting to the ever-evolving digital landscape.

dlivrd has earned a remarkable reputation in the last-mile food delivery sector, with an unwavering commitment to speed, reliability, and quality. Their extensive driver network, spanning thousands of independent earning partners across 160 markets, ensures restaurant partners can meet the growing demand for catering services.

This partnership holds a multitude of advantages. Restaurants using Zuppler’s platform can seamlessly integrate dlivrd’s catering driver network into their operations, guaranteeing prompt delivery, superior service quality, and an extended service radius. With dlivrd, restaurant partners can meet the growing catering demand without significant investments in delivery infrastructure.

In addition, this integration provides restaurants with access to dlivrd’s cutting-edge delivery management tools, allowing for real-time order tracking, efficient driver management, comprehensive performance analytics, and enhanced overall efficiency and customer satisfaction. Furthermore, dlivrd utilizes their proprietary Frederick technology to optimize 3PL and delivery matching processes.

“Zuppler is thrilled to join forces with dlivrd in this transformative partnership,” remarked Shiva Srinivasan, Founder & CEO of Zuppler. “Together, we’re empowering restaurants to provide an exceptional catering experience, reaching more customers, and setting new industry standards.”

dlivrd’s extensive driver network is known for its professionalism, guaranteeing experienced individuals who prioritize punctual and secure delivery. This reliability is crucial for establishing and sustaining a positive reputation in the competitive last-mile delivery sector.

dlivrd and Zuppler share a commitment to elevating the restaurant industry through innovative solutions that adapt to the evolving demands of today’s customers. This partnership promises to redefine the catering landscape, making it more accessible and efficient for restaurants to meet the burgeoning demand for their catering services.


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