‘It’s time to move to Grubhub’: Customer claims DoorDash quietly rolled out new refund policy

‘Now I can’t get my full refund if I’m missing half my order.’

A TikToker claims there’s a new DoorDash refund policy that’s unfavorable to customers, sparking discussion on the platform.

The claim comes from creator @ghoulskidrule, whose video has attracted more than 542,000 views as of Sunday.

The short video contains the bulk of its message in the on-screen caption. It reads, “Thanks to y’all disputing on DoorDash, they started a new policy without telling nobody. Now, I can’t get my full refund if I’m missing my order or my food is half frozen.”

The video includes a caption giving some background, reading, “Only $4 and I paid $20 for the meal.”

According to DoorDash’s website, there’s a multi-step refund process, in which the issue is reported, the refund is processed, and the charge is dropped or the refund is received. The site notes, “After a refund is issued, when you’ll receive it depends on when it was issued and the processing time of your specific bank. If the charge still shows as ‘Pending’ on your statement, it can take one to three business days to be removed.”

Shopfood article from November 2022 noted, “After delivery, you can request a refund from DoorDash if you are dissatisfied with your order. Customers can also cancel in-progress orders and request full refunds that have not yet been confirmed by restaurants or assigned a Dasher. In some situations, DoorDash may decline to issue a refund.”

It added, “DoorDash is not required to issue a refund for any issue related to your order, and all refunds are given on a case-by-case basis to prevent customers from abusing the app’s refund system.”

So, whether there’s a new policy in effect or it’s the continuation of an existing one remains in question, but that didn’t stop commenters from registering alarm over the video.

“My whole meal was wrong and it was freezing and they gave me $5,” one commenter claimed.

“Y’all gotta FIGHT for it now,” another said. “Dasher literally stole my order and I was on the phone for 2 HOURS b4 they finally gave me my refund.” That person, in an exchange with another commenter, elaborated, “They were literally at a different apartment complex for like AN HOUR and I’m like they at home and eating my food.”

“I stopped using DoorDash after they told me I requested an unusual amount of refunds cause they kept missing items on my orders,” another reported.

Also, one pointed out to the creator, “If the food is half frozen I think that might be a restaurant issue lmao.”

That led another commenter to reason, “Yes, it is. That doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a refund. DD should go after the restaurant for reimbursement.”

And someone claiming to be a DoorDasher said, “10000% and as a Dasher we can’t look at the food! It’s sealed.”

Others still reminded those visiting the video that alternatives like Uber Eats and Grubhub exist.

“We stopped using DoorDash altogether because the food never came correct or hot. It was literally just a joke,” a commenter observed. “I get that it was convenient but not worth the price.”


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