Uber to soon shut down its free loyalty programme launched in 2018

Ride-hailing platform Uber is closing down its loyalty programme, Uber Rewards, with users being urged to sign up for the Uber One subscription to get regular Uber and Uber Eats discounts.

Launched in 2018, Uber Rewards is a free programme that lets you rack points for every dollar you spend when hitching a ride or ordering food through Uber and Uber Eats, reports The Verge.

You can then use these points to earn discounts on future rides or deliveries. The more points you earn, the better perks you get — earning 7,500 points.

However, Uber is not offering a replacement for the programme, and there is no another way to consistently earn perks and discounts unless you pay for an Uber One subscription, which Uber launched as a replacement for Eats Pass last year.

A $9.99/month (or $49.99/year) subscription comes with perks like free food deliveries, up to 10 per cent off of “eligible” Uber Eats orders, and 5 per cent off on rides from top-rated drivers.


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