Legislation aims to regulate third-party delivery drivers

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) – People who order food on third-party delivery apps might soon see some changes in the people delivering their food.

A bill in the House and one in the Senate add regulations to drivers. It was a change Kurt Bean, owner of Bops Pizza on Blairs Ferry Rd, said needed to happen.

“We had to tell delivery drivers before that this was their job and making pizzas is my livelihood,” he said. “That’s my name on the line. The food has to be hot, it can’t be a mess,”

Chomp, a local third-party delivery company, agreed that drivers needed to be regulated.

“I think it’s better for the customers and the restaurants because they both want to make sure the food was taken care of,” said Adam Weeks, one of the owners of Chomp.

Weeks said it was problems he’d seen firsthand.

“We’ve had almost anything you can imagine, but yes, we’ve had a few instances with cigarettes, or someone who had someone in their car, or had a pet,” said Weeks. “Those are few and far between.”

This biggest part of the proposed legislation was the addition of contracts between the restaurants and the delivery company. That was something Bean has faced when it comes to some national companies.

“We have Grub Hub continuing to have our menu on its website, but they haven’t updated our menu in like three years. “Last week, someone ordered a meatball sub; we haven’t had that on the menu in years.”

At the end of the day, Weeks and Bean want the food being cooked at restaurants to make it to the customer in the best possible condition.

“That’s my name going out there,” said Bean.


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