Grubhub Offers Bitcoin Rewards

Today, Grubhub is partnering with bitcoin reward company Lolli on restaurant and food technology news, and restaurants are preparing for a difficult winter. Zipporah Allen, Chief Digital Officer of Taco Bell, also speaks to PYMNTS about how restaurants can use their digital platforms to build customer relationships in the face of competition from aggregators.

Walmart is tackling supply chain problems with rented space near key ports

According to a Wednesday (Dec. 1) report from Freight Waves.

Lolli partners with Grubhub to offer Bitcoin rewards for grocery deliveries

According to a press release on Wednesday (December 1), bitcoin reward company Lolli has partnered with grocery delivery platform Grubhub so that users can earn bitcoin with every Grubhub order. Customers will receive USD 5 in Bitcoin on their first Grubhub order and USD 1 in Bitcoin on all future orders.

Food prices, labor shortages, supply chain problems threaten restaurant sales this winter

On the way into winter, the headwind from all areas of the restaurant business comes together to create a perfect snow storm for the operators. Between challenges in the supply chain, the resulting price increases for groceries, work difficulties and the advent of the Omicron variant, restaurants have to work hard to keep their customers.

Restaurant POS consolidation proves that systems need to do more than just process payments

With restaurant operations becoming more digital than ever, managers are becoming all too aware of the limits of leading solutions. Many companies turn to different vendors to meet their every need, from point of sale (POS) to digital ordering to order management and marketing, and being more easy than pen and paper to use becomes another source of stress.

Taco Bell comments on aggregators and maintains control over customer relationships

For this month’s feature story, PYMNTS spoke to Zipporah Allen, Chief Digital Officer of Taco Bell, about how the chain is using loyalty programs and digital subscription offers to build direct customer relationships.


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