Grubhub is accused of ‘cybersquatting’ by setting up 30,000 fake websites disguised as linked restaurant homepages on its app to jack up prices and charge crippling commission fees

  • Grubhub has reportedly bought domain names and created copycat websites 
  • These dummy sites look almost exactly like the restaurants’ actual websites but were set up without the restaurant owners’ permission
  • The shadowy practice known as ‘cybersquatting’ is an apparent effort to increase the commissions restaurants have to pay to Grubhub
  • They have to pay a higher fee if orders are placed through Grubhub or Seamless
  • Grubhub has bought 34,000 URLs since 2010, according to The New York Post
  • The menu prices on the fake sites are often higher than on the restaurant’s page 
  • The sites have also been describes as ‘predatory’ as the phone numbers listed are Grubhub’s and they charge commission for forwarding calls to restaurants
  • Grubhub claims it created domain names for restaurants ‘as a service’ to them 
  • The company denies cybersquatting or trying to take restaurants’ business 


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