Chipotle Just Doubled Its Digital Sales

In Chipotle’s case, it pays to be an early adopter.

In its first quarter earnings report, Chipotle reported a digital sales increase of 100.7 percent compared to the same period last year.

The chain has gone all in on digital innovation, from equipping its stores to quickly and efficiently handle off-premise orders to launching a digital loyalty program last month that is already three million members strong, and the sales returns are rolling in. Total revenue at the chain increased 13.9 percent to $1.3 billion. Chipotle recorded $206 million in sales via digital channels, accounting for 15.7 percent of total sales for the quarter.

…Average restaurant operating profit margins were at 21 percent in the quarter, the highest margin levels that the chain has reported in nearly four years. Hartung attributed the success, in part, to the chain figuring out its delivery strategy and honing in on it to make sure that it’s a satisfactory experience. However you want to get Chipotle, the chain will make it happen in a timely manner.

“If we didn’t have delivery, we would not have delivered the 21 percent margin,” Hartung said


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