GrabFood eyes analytics, business intelligence for partners as it vies for superapp status

We project food delivery in Southeast Asia to grow over six times, into a US$13b market by 2022. According to a Nielsen report, ASEAN’s middle-class population is set to grow to 400 million individuals by 2030 – roughly the same size as China’s. Many of this new generation of young middle-class consumers are tech-savvy, having grown up in a mobile-first world, and are accustomed to the convenience afforded to them by the instant nature of mobile connectivity.

…We want to help merchants harness the trove of data available on our platform to identify demand gaps and optimise menu offerings. We are building and will start to trial merchant analytics dashboards this year to help merchants better analyse overall sales on GrabFood, optimise operations and identify opportunities to design or update their menu to grow their business. The analytics dashboard will be offered as a self-service tool within the GrabFood merchant app.

…Whilst you browse through the app for transport options, a GrabFood notification pops up, suggesting you order in instead, saving 20 minutes of waiting time. And as you approach one of your favourite restaurants on your way home from work, the Grab app notifies you of an ongoing promotion at the restaurant when you order via GrabFood. You place an order and arrive home to find your meal as well as your weekly grocery order delivered to your doorstep.


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