SF Office of Labor Standards Enforcement Will Investigate DoorDash Tipping Policies

For a moment, it seemed like the food delivery app DoorDash would get away largely unscathed over allegations that it was pocketing its workers’ tips. Now, with an official investigation and a tech worker boycott, there’s a growing problem for the company over its tipping policies.

Last month, DoorDash — along with other food and goods delivery services such as Instacart and Amazon Flex — were accused of using workers’ tip money to subsidize base pay. The policies weren’t new but found fresh scorn after one case went viral, in which an Instacart shopper was paid a $10 tip for an order but only netted 80 cents in base pay from the company. Instacart ended up changing its policies to make sure tips don’t subsidize base pay, and its CEO apologized to workers. DoorDash and Amazon, meanwhile, stood firm by their current pay policies.


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