Wallingford restaurants upset with DoorDash over unauthorized listing

WALLINGFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Two local restaurants in Wallingford are frustrated with DoorDash after discovering that their establishments were listed on the platform without their permission.

Knuckleheads Kitchen and Tap & Vine Restaurant claim that despite multiple attempts to remove their menus from DoorDash, the listings persist, causing confusion and frustration among customers.

According to Tony Dorsey, the general manager of Knuckleheads, they have made repeated efforts to request removal from DoorDash, but their menus continue to be available on the platform.

“The dashers come in and expect the order, so then the customer calls and is mad and thinks we did something wrong” said Dorsey.  

This ongoing situation has led to many customer complaints and negative social media comments.

Hector Samuel, owner of Tap & Vine said that DoorDash adding their restaurant without consent is unfair and disruptive to the business.

In response to the situation, News 8 reached out to DoorDash with Dorsey, over the phone and recording the call to address the issue. DoorDash stated that the account was created by someone named Daniel, which was news to Dorsey, as no one by that name has ever been associated with their restaurant.

Concerned about the unauthorized listings, Connecticut Attorney General William Tong’s office sent a cease and desist letter to DoorDash and is seeking answers on the company’s practices for adding restaurants to its platform.

DoorDash, in response to News 8’s inquiry, stated that they would investigate the matter with their fraud team, acknowledging the claims made by the restaurant owners regarding unauthorized listings.

After the story aired, the company provided News 8 with a statement.

“DoorDash has no tolerance for fraud,” the company wrote. “As part of our commitment to providing a safe and high-quality service for merchants, we continually monitor our platform to prevent, detect, and take action against fraudulent behavior. We are looking into this inquiry to further understand the situation and assist in reaching a resolution. If any restaurant believes that an account was created without their consent, we strongly encourage them to reach out to DoorDash Support immediately.”


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