‘You won’t be paid’: Pizza restaurant gets stuck with $600 worth of food after Uber Eats does something unexpected

Ordering through third-party delivery services has become the norm. Approximately 31% of customers order through a third party. However, doing this can cause several issues including, “late deliveries, incorrect orders, and damaged food.” A pizza restaurant revealed how Uber Eats canceled a $600 order after the employees spent all night making it.

In this clip, a viewer commented about how Uber Eats and third-party delivery services “are the worst.” TikTok user Santoro’s Pizzeria (@santorospizzeriatpa) didn’t hesitate to respond, revealing their third-party delivery experience. The clip showed two workers staring at the order screen shocked.

“It says, ‘The order timed out because your store didn’t accept it. You won’t be paying,’” one worker read out loud. This caused anger and a frenzy among workers. “No f*cking way,” one of the workers stated. Why? Because the Uber Eats canceled a $600 order. Next, a blonde employee was trying to take matters into her own hands to fix the issue. “I’m just trying to call Uber support at this point,” she said.

While the blonde employee was on the phone, her coworker vented his frustration with delivery services. “This is why third parties are a problem. Because of these situations,” he explained. Then, the blonde worker relayed the order to Uber Eats and explained what happened. After making 10 salads and 18 pizzas, the app ended up canceling the order in the morning. Next, the video shifted to another male worker on the phone with the customer who had their order canceled on them. 

“I mean, we made them,” he said. “They canceled it at, like, 11:15 or something like that.”

Luckily, Uber Eats was able to fix it. “It’s a glitch. We should be able to accept orders automatically,” the blonde said. “He’s sending in a request for us to get refunded and pay the money.”

Santoro’s Pizzeria captioned the video, “When a $600 order gets cancelled 10 minutes before pickup. Glad everything worked out in the end thank you @Uber Eats.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Santoro’s Pizzeria via email and TikTok comment. The video amassed 7.4 million views and left viewers confused.

“I’m just confused why they’d make a $600 order on Uber eats instead of just calling in,” one viewer said.

“They should have ordered direct with the restaurant with a massive order like this. And order ahead,” a second commented.

In addition, others said don’t approve of third-party delivery services generally.

“3rd party delivery customer service is getting better but this is always frustrating!” one user remarked.

“When I worked at a pizza place .. we refused to use third party .. not worth it and they take so much in fees,” a second stated.

“I hated this! When they would report the food was wrong and made exactly how they asked. started taking pictures to prove so we got paid,” a third said.


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