Zuppler Acquires DataDreamers

Shiva Shrinivasan: “I am super excited with this acquisition. I believe DataDreamers has the most powerful dispatching platform specifically built for local restaurant delivery services. You couple that with our website/app ordering and loyalty solution, the RDSs will finally get the tools they need to build back their business. We welcome the DataDreamers team to the Zuppler family!”


Exciting News! DataDreamers is now Zuppler!

We are thrilled to announce that Zuppler has successfully acquired DataDreamers. After a year of hard work integrating DataDreamers’ platform with ours, we’re ready to bring RDSs an even more powerful solution.

💪 Why We Made This Move:
For years, we’ve been working closely with RDS owners, understanding the challenges they face and recognizing their positive impact on communities. With our technology and the local influence of RDSs, we’re eager to collaborate and help RDSs thrive, empowering them to effectively compete against the giants of the third-party industry.

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