ParTech Partners Up with DoorDash

ParTech, a global restaurant technology company focused on unified commerce for enterprise restaurants, has partnered with DoorDash, the largest U.S.-based third-party delivery provider. This new collaboration is dedicated to advancing the restaurant industry by improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction, further expanding Par’s ecosystem to include over 500 integrations, which it claims is the largest in the industry.

In a time when dining expectations extend beyond a restaurant’s four walls, factors such as delivery speed, ordering flexibility, and the overall dining experience play crucial roles. However, these preferences present a critical challenge to the restaurant industry. 

This new partnership addresses the challenge head-on by seamlessly integrating DoorDash with Par Brink POS, a cloud-based point-of-sale software, and Menu Link, a marketplace order management solution within Par Menu ecosystem for omnichannel ordering.

“We live in a world where digital-savvy consumers demand seamless digital experiences,” said Savneet Singh, CEO of Par. “Our partnership with DoorDash unifies the ordering landscape and simplifies restaurant tech stacks. This enables faster and smoother operations for all stakeholders without compromising guest satisfaction.”

The integration of Par’s Menu with DoorDash’s marketplace capabilities empowers enterprise restaurants by automatically processing orders through Par Brink POS. This provides centralized control over menu offerings, dynamic pricing for different channels, store-level information, and sales tracking. Simultaneously, restaurants can leverage the Par partner ecosystem to consolidate tech stacks, enabling more efficient operations through a single, integrated platform.


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