Franklin Junction Expands with Hooters, Nathan’s Famous

Franklin Junction is expanding its partnership with Hooters and Nathan’s Famous, two of the company’s incoming brands cooked and packaged for delivery inside existing restaurant kitchens.

In revising its partnership, Hooters will serve as one of Franklin Junction’s first “dual partners,” entering new markets as what it calls a “cloud concept” with a goal of boosting same-store sales by hosting other established brands for delivery.

Franklin Junction’s host kitchen roll out on behalf of Hooters will commence with an inaugural digital storefront in Rogers, Arkansas, followed by dozens more to complete the restaurant chain’s nationwide launch.

“As we continue to pioneer what it means to be a restaurant in the digital age, we see this partnership as a way to simultaneously expand our geographic footprint and add even more value to our franchises via increased off-premise sales,” said Marc Butler, senior vice president of strategic planning/off-premise at Hooters of America. “Having a trusted partner like Franklin Junction gives us peace of mind that their expansion of the Hooters brand shares our values and will yield success.”

Nathan’s Famous is expanding its Franklin Junction partnership by opening 25 additional host kitchen locations over the last month, bringing Nathan’s Famous to more than 80 new locations in less than two years.

“Our fruitful partnership with Nathan’s Famous speaks to the way we are able to work with iconic restaurant brands to untap new markets, increase visibility to new demographics of consumers, broaden geographic reach without capital expenditure, and offer avenues for incremental revenue,” shares Bob Pascal, chief revenue officer of Franklin Junction. “Our increasing number of Nathan’s Famous Host Kitchen concepts have re-engaged and introduced a new group of consumers to the comforting nostalgia of this American institution.”

“Franklin Junction is helping power our growth and reinforce us as a household name across the country,” stated Oliver Powers, vice president of operations at Nathan’s Famous. “Our newest round of host kitchen openings in Ohio only speaks to the success of this partnership and Franklin Junction’s integral role in the future of restaurant e-commerce.


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