Thanx Calls Loyalty 3.0 Update a Major Milestone

Thanx, a restaurant loyalty and guest engagement platform, has released a new platform that it claims is a “major technical milestone” that will give other restaurants a Starbucks-level of sophistication for their rewards programs.

The comprehensive update is dubbed Loyalty 3.0. Thanx says it is the culmination of countless engineering hours and allows restaurants to customize their customer reward points, design personalized loyalty programs themselves, create and update rewards in real time and run A/B tests to find which campaigns generate the most favorable responses.

Based on what it calls a new loyalty engine, the update’s key capabilities are focused on guest loyalty, self-service rewards, non-discount rewards and automated A/B testing that includes lifecycle insights and recommendations.

In a press release announcing the update, Thanx said its collective changes coincide “with an industry-wide focus on margins, as widespread macroeconomic pressures have leading enterprise brands prioritizing flexibility and control of their loyalty programs. The new capabilities enable brands to quickly – and in real time – adapt to changes in market variables and customer behaviors.”

Thanx says its loyalty points engine is “the most robust and flexible points engine available to restaurants today.”

By offering more flexibility to restaurants, the company says it can help brands avoid generic promotions and gives them leeway to customize nearly every aspect of rewards, loyalty programs and non-discount rewards like hidden menus and so-called access passes.

North Carolina-based Brixx Wood Fired Pizza is one of the first restaurant groups to utilize the new capabilities. Brixx said being part of the beta program was “pivotal” in allowing the brand to deliver on its stated goals.

“Thanx’s new points engine offers superior control over our loyalty program, as well as marketing agility to offer our guests the Brixx hospitality they’ve come to expect regardless of industry variables,” said Eryn Pittsonberger, director of marketing at Brixx. “In the year since we first partnered with Thanx, our goals of growing our customer database and implementing a flexible loyalty system for our brand have exceeded our expectations. With the recent enhancements of the Thanx platform and Brixx’s desire to move away from discounting to a more purposeful and customer-focused program, this is the perfect time to deepen our partnership.”

“The launch of our new loyalty engine comes at a time when margins are under pressure industry-wide,” said Thanx CEO and founder Zach Goldstein. “We are thrilled about the results Brixx is already seeing and the excitement from their guests to engage with their new program.


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