DoorDash Updates Offering for Small, Medium Restaurants

Based on feedback from restaurant merchants, DoorDash has updated its merchant suite specifically for small- and medium-sized restaurants. Part of the update includes giving restaurants the ability to set goals, such as growing online, attracting new customers, increasing order volumes and optimizing current business.

Once merchants set their goals through the self-serve portal, they will see a set of tools and solutions to help them achieve those stated goals. The update also includes customer insights to help restaurants better understand their customers by breaking down orders by customer type, provides a heat map of locations and ZIP codes where customers are ordering from and offers custom marketing recommendations.

DoorDash is also now providing a Learning Center where merchants can access supplemental education resources to grow their businesses online, including a portfolio of how-to instructions and video tutorials they can leverage to grow their business on the platform.

In addition, the company also announced it’s getting into the event space with restaurant conferences that will begin this fall in Los Angeles. Main Street Summit: LA will include real-time support, networking and presentations from speakers and industry leaders.

According to the company, 87 percent of its merchants have the goal of attracting new customers, which is a primary focus of the online training.

DoorDash is also advising restaurant owners on higher-level expansion topics, including covering unexpected expenses, opening new storefronts or just meeting normal operating costs.

“Our goal is to give restaurants more opportunities to grow, be more profitable, and operate efficiently in today’s online convenience economy. We’re only successful when our partners are successful—we hope this new framework gives them the guidance they need to grow,” said DoorDash Chief Revenue Officer Tom Pickett.


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