DoorDash on Monday unveiled a revamped merchant suite for small and medium-sized restaurants. 

The new back-end features a “choose-your-own-adventure” format that’s designed to more directly address restaurants’ business needs. The update also includes deeper customer insights and a learning center with how-to videos and tutorials.

DoorDash said it was developed based on restaurantd’ feedback. Partners wanted more clarity around how the company’s various products work together as well as better customer data, the company said.

“I like to think of our Merchant Suite as a ’choose your own adventure on DoorDash’ guided experience,” said Tom Pickett, chief revenue officer at DoorDash, in a statement. “Our goal is to give restaurants more opportunities to grow, be more profitable, and operate efficiently in today’s online convenience economy.”

The centerpiece of the revamp is a new menu displaying different goals, like “Grow Online,” “Attract New Customers” and “Optimize Current Business.” Operators can select one to see the various products DoorDash offers to help in each area.

Clicking on “Attract New Customers,” for instance, will show information about DoorDash’s ads and promotional products as well as the option to add alcohol to the menu. 

A new customer insights dashboard gives more details about a restaurants’ guests, though not down to the individual level many operators desire. It identifies patrons as either new, occasional or frequent guests, for instance, and shows a heatmap of where orders are coming from.

Previously, restaurants could view only basic data such as their total number of customers and the percentage of new vs. returning customers.

“We’ve heard loud and clear from our partners that they would like to see more granular and specific customer metrics,” DoorDash said in a statement.

The learning center was created in response to restaurants’ demand for more supplemental educational materials around how to grow their DoorDash business. It features step-by-step instruction on topics like setting up a menu and managing customer reviews.

DoorDash on Monday also announced an in-person restaurant conference this fall in Los Angeles. The Main Street Summit will offer support, networking and appearances by industry leaders with the aim of helping DoorDash restaurant partners.

The changes come as DoorDash continues to generate sales and order growth, as well as growth in new restaurant partners. During the 12 months ended June 30, it added more than 80,000 net new merchants, according to a letter sent to shareholders earlier this month.


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