Omnicart Empowers RMDA Members to Start and Scale On-Demand Delivery Services

June 27, 2022 – AUSTIN, TX – Restaurant Marketing and Delivery Association (RMDA), today announced a strategic partnership with Omnicart. As former RDS owners (DineEasy), everything about Omnicart stems from the vision of empowering local entrepreneurs to reach their full potential. With backing from the biggest startup accelerator in Canada, Creative Destruction Lab, and the support of the RMDA, Omnicart plans to ensure hyperlocal markets have access to their all-in-one high technology to help them grow and achieve success.

“Our current and prospective members trust our partner network to advance their local businesses and position them as the top providers in their specific geographic regions,” said Andrew Simmons, president of RMDA.  “The Omnicart technology offers a suite of products that help local entrepreneurs launch and scale a modern RDS business within two weeks. At a critical point in restaurant services, this is an exciting addition to our overall tech options.”

The customizable infrastructure allows every business to modify their settings through the technology, rather than alter their operations due to a technology limitation. Other key features include:

·         Flexibility of own Stripe account

·         Paid Loyalty Program for end-users (e.g. Dash Pass, Uber Pass)

·         Marketing Automation

·         Fully automated accounting with merchants

·         Web ordering portal for each individual merchant

·         Live chat with marketplace users and merchants

·         Ability to edit orders, whether it’s item details or charges

“The real problem we saw in the industry was not the lack of great technology, but the lack of real empowerment. RMDA agrees and wanted to offer advantages to its members including white label merchant account (payment processing),” stated Arya Rashtchian, CEO of Omnicart. “I am confident that with the right technology and mindset, we will eventually see hyperlocal win the battle in the long run and partnering with the RMDA, is instrumental to succeed in this journey.“

Our focus will be on facilitating omni-channel sales for our partners and to capitalize on Google food ordering, Facebook and Instagram ordering, and integration with other sources, to bring as many orders as we possibly can to our customers.

About Omnicart

Omnicart is a SaaS platform and a delivery operating system, and we are on a mission to empower everyone to unlock the potential of on-demand delivery. In the same way that Shopify made it easier for anyone to start and scale an e-commerce business, we are making it possible to start and scale an on-demand delivery business. Omnicart can be set up in hours, has a world-class end-user experience, and can be used for delivery of any type of products including food & beverage, cannabis, liquor, and consumer goods.

About The RMDA

The RMDA is comprised of 500+ members across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the UK. Together, the RMDA represents a staggering $550 Million in revenue, making it the largest privately owned and operated food delivery network in the US.


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