Zuppler Announces Forecast Report for Food Service Industry; Projecting 175% Growth in Software and Services for 2022 and a Push Toward Local Delivery

Key areas of focus include the 83% growth in platform and digital tools to resolve key issues in customer experience

Zuppler Announces Forecast Report for Food Service Industry; Projecting 175% Growth in Software and Services for 2022 and a Push Toward Local Delivery

Conshohocken, PA  (RestaurantNews.com)  Zuppler, a global software and services company focused on empowering solutions for the food services industry, today announced its 2022 forecast report, specific to software and services and its impact on customer experience.

The crisis-driven upheaval in the food services industry is driving innovation, but the uncertainty around strategy and technology tools to navigate the customer journey has been a challenge. The 2022 forecast models were created from aggregate data across the Zuppler database, as well as insights from key research firms and internal analysts.

“Everything from COVID-19 safety guidance to supply chain disruption, labor challenges and a long list of customer behavior changes add to the headwinds that continue to impact the food service industry,” Zuppler CEO, Shiva Srinivasan, said. “We continue to monitor new technologies for both operational efficiency and improvements to the consumer experience.”

The global online food delivery market will report up to $152 billion in sales, a 10% jump year-over-year. Zuppler predicts this will increase another 10% and restaurants that focus on guest communication and improved experiences will capture more market share.

Zuppler breaks down its analysis and expected metrics for 2022:

  • Utilization of menus – Next year will see a 45% increase in investments for websites, images and digital tools for both online and on-premise ordering.
  • One of the most dramatic increases in 2022 will be the uptick in artificial intelligence to enhance guest experiences. Zuppler predicts a 175% increase in overall usage of AI-enabled products.
  • Continuing to build on the digital footprint, next year we will see a 65% increase in SEO to capitalize on searches by enabling consumers to order online directly from restaurants utilizing Google Search, Google Maps, the Google Assistant, Google Home, and Google Pay.
  • As the food journey embraces digital transformation, 2022 will drive the need for device agnostic ordering capabilities. Zuppler expects 120% growth in mobile ordering volume across online and dine in.
  • Ghost kitchens to increase order volume by 185%, with key regions including UK, US and India.
  • A stat to watch will be the shift of delivery service providers. Zuppler estimates 45% more business will contract with local delivery companies to compete in the highly competitive delivery industry, capitalizing on regional and urban opportunities.

“As consumers become more savvy and expectations continue to drive restaurants to digitize the experience, transparency and real-time communication in the food journey is critical,” added Srinivasan. “Branding and identity must stay intact as integration with POS, payment, website ordering and Google online ordering increase.

Zuppler is an internationally recognized online ordering platform that works with thousands of independent restaurant owners. The company has helped local delivery services establish a fully branded marketplace and provide its delivery services to local food operators.


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