Grubhub Launches ‘Perks’ Program with Discounts and Free Food

After years of feeling like the Wild West, the restaurant delivery industry today is more focused around a handful of companies. Smaller players like Caviar were bought out. Amazon decided to get out of the way. And now, the big four are DoorDash, Grubhub, Uber Eats, and, a bit further behind, Postmates (though Postmates also delivers more than just restaurant food). But just because the industry has coalesced doesn’t mean things have become less competitive. In fact, the real fight may just be starting. And Grubhub has announced its latest feature to help win over customers: Grubhub Perks.

Grubhub describes Perks as “a treasure trove of offers only available on Grubhub along with new ways to earn and redeem restaurant loyalty rewards.” More specifically, Perks — which can be found in a tab at the bottom of the Grubhub (and Seamless, which they own) app — is broken down into two sections: “Redeem” and “Earn.” The Redeem section “lists all rewards earned or offered for immediate use” — stuff like free food and other deals. Meanwhile, the Earn section can be used by restaurants for loyalty programs. Yes, if you’ve been carrying around a “buy ten burritos, get one free” card, your favorite Mexican joint can now run that promotion through Grubhub as well.


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