GrubHub extends refunds for fake fees amid pressure from Schumer

Food ordering giant Grubhub has agreed to extend the refund window for bogus phone order fees amid pressure from US Senator Chuck Schumer and regulators, The Post has learned.

The food ordering and delivery company, which also owns Seamless, is planning to announce Thursday that it will let restaurants recoup fees on the last 120 days — up from the current 60-day policy, according to a copy of a three-point plan obtained by The Post.

Grubhub has been under fire from Schumer for taking “fake fees” on phone orders that have never happened ever since the Senator read about the tech company’s practice in The Post.

Grubhub Thursday also agreed to make it easier for restaurant owners to get back copycat websites registered by the delivery company, according to a copy of a three-point plan obtained by The Post.

…Some restaurants have already received a refund for these phone charges, including one New York City restaurant operator that received a refund for more than $10,000 that covered his fees going back to 2014. Previously, Grubhub officials said at a City Council hearing on June 28 that a 60-day refund was “fair.”

Grubhub will also set up a website that makes it easier for restaurants to “request direct control” of websites that have been in the establishments’ names but had been quietly registered by Grubhub.


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