Chef warns half of the businesses using Uber Eats and Deliveroo to sell their products ‘aren’t making ANY money’ off the online orders

… One of the business owners who helped pioneer the platform’s introduction to the Australian market now argues the business model ‘has to give’ to remain sustainable.

Geoff Bannister, the owner of Dr Dough Doughnuts, said more than half of the restaurants who offer their services on UberEats and rival service Deliveroo ‘aren’t making any profits’ at all.

…’If someone’s taking 30 to 35 per cent of your margin it doesn’t make sense at all, unless you’ve got a clear strategy for how you’re going to parlay that into real customers who will walk through your doors,’ he told

‘I just believe the whole model needs to change. There’s got to be a tipping point.’ 


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