McDonald’s drops Uber Eats sole partnership with new DoorDash deal

McDonald’s Corp.’s exclusive partnership with Uber Eats is over as the chain announced plans Tuesday to add a second third-party delivery operator, DoorDash, to its McDelivery program.

The Chicago-based chain, which launched nationwide delivery with Uber Eats in 2017, said it will begin testing DoorDash delivery at 200 Houston-area restaurants in late July. Uber Eats, which serves about 9,100 McDonald’s restaurants, will remain a partner in the Texas region and across the U.S.

… In May, DoorDash logged a 189% year-over-year jump in sales, compared to 32% at Uber Eats and 6% at Grubhub, according to Second Measure, a firm that analyzes U.S. consumer spending. DoorDash says it reaches 80% of Americans nationwide.

… When McDonald’s was renegotiating its Uber Eats delivery contract earlier this year, reports surfaced that the chain was demanding lower commission fees and looking to get out of its exclusive partnership. Franchisees have also asked to add new delivery partners.

… McDonald’s has since renewed its contract with Uber Eats, where delivery times hover well under 30 minutes, Garrett said. He declined to discuss terms of contracts with suppliers, only stating that the brand plans to keep working with Uber Eats. 

… “In May, sales for the industry as a whole rose 52% year-over-year, as more Americans realize how much they like eating restaurant meals at home.”


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