Why Dunkin’ Inked a Close Deal with Grubhub

When a big brand jumps into delivery, there’s a big decision to make: Do you open the brand to every delivery provider possible to meet the delivery consumer everywhere or forge a deeper partnership with a single partner? For Dunkin’ Brands, the answer was a close partnership with Grubhub to push their delivery efforts further. The reason was all about efficiency and deep integration so that delivery orders were seamless for customers and staff in the brand’s 7,500+ locations across the U.S.

“We decided to get into a deep relationship with Grubhub because they were very technology driven,” said Stephanie Meltzer-Paul, vice president overseeing marketing and customer engagement at Dunkin’. “Secondly, they match up very well with our footprint. Right now their coverage is a little over 70 percent of our system.”

The last part is key for a lot of big brand partnerships, a strong partner is great, but if can’t deliver across the system, then there is significant wasted national advertising spend.

Plugging delivery orders directly into the Dunkin’ point of sale and data pipeline so the company can track and analyze each order without looking at a disparate system was a chief goal of the deal.


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