With Uber Eats and Olo partnership, will we finally get rid of back-of-house iPads?

Delivery startups are all about partnerships lately; the latest example is between Uber Eats and Olo, a digital food ordering platform. Through this partnership orders submitted through Uber Eats are directly inputted into the order stream at the restaurant. This partnership allows integration with a restaurant’s point-of-sale system, or POS, and is an example of the newest experience move for delivery platforms. 

… This isn’t the first POS/delivery partnership. Chipotle and DoorDash rolled out a similar POS integration recently, as did Dunkin’ and Grubhub. On the reservation side, OpenTable and Upserve, the restaurant management system, announced a partnership that allows for real-time cross-communication between Upserve’s POS systems and the reservation platforms earlier this month.

These partnerships aim to unburden operators from the ubiquitous counters full of “multiple iPads” connected to various delivery platforms and “demanding their attention,” said Jones.

“Many of our existing partners like Subway, Checkers and P.F. Chang’s already partner with Olo,” noted Uber Eat’s Jones.

These partnerships also hope to improve the speed and accuracy of orders.

“Our mission is to make digital ordering accessible and simple for leading restaurant brands, and we are thrilled to now be able to offer direct connectivity to Uber Eats for our thousands of restaurant partners,” stated Noah Glass, founder and CEO of Olo, in a news release.

The partnership has the potential to impact a significant number of restaurants. Uber Eats works with 220,000 restaurants. Olo works with 60,000 restaurants.


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