Restaurant Management Platform LimeTray Starts Operations in the U.S.

There’s a whole lot of tech nowadays promising to help restaurants manage a whole bunch of tasks: delivery appsPOS systems, getting apps to talk to the POS system, back-of-house inventoryemployees schedules, customers wanting more personalization. The list could realistically fill an 800 word post and still not be complete.

Little wonder, then, that an increasingly popular tech solution to the restaurant tech barrage is the all-in-one SaaS platform — that is software that streamlines both front- and back-of-house tasks and operations into a single system that lives in the cloud and that restaurants access via a single interface.

The latest of these to hit the U.S. is LimeTray, a company based out of India who’s presence is already well established in its home country as well as the UK, the UAE, and South Africa.

According to a recent press announcement, for its U.S. venture, the LimeTray system divvies its products and capabilities into three distinct buckets:

  • Discovery offers tools to improve and manage online ordering, mobile apps, and website upkeep.
  • Engagement focuses on loyalty and rewards programs, as well as other initiatives that improve and retain customer relationships.
  • Analytics uses software to make sense of the the data these many tech-driven tools and activities produce.

LimeTray also integrates with a handful of third party products and services, including those from Google, India-based delivery service foodpanda, and online payments company Razorpay, among others.

Plenty of other solutions like LimeTray exist right now the U.S. restaurant scene, from Olo to Square to Toast, who seems bent on taking over every last molecule of the restaurant management process.


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