Food fight: Restaurant owners clash with DoorDash over service they didn’t order

…Many said that, when they discovered them, their DoorDash listings were littered with errors. The owner of a Toronto bakery said her menu on DoorDash offered bacon and eggs. The manager of an Italian cocktail bar in Toronto started getting calls asking for chicken wings.

And more than once, prices were changed: In the case of The Portly Chef, its “Irish Chicken,” normally $7, was priced on DoorDash at $27.

…Competition between the companies has been “cutthroat,” said Sharif Virani, an Ottawa restaurant consultant. “The end goal for these companies is to have users browse their app. And people go to the app with the most variety on it.”

Restaurants enter into agreements with most of the companies. In the case of Uber Eats, for instance, they pay a cut of their sales (about 30 per cent). In return, Uber provides marketing and a tablet for the restaurant to use to manage orders.

With some restaurants, DoorDash, too, enters into agreements, although it declined to disclose the details of them to The Globe.

But in other cases, it simply adds restaurants without their knowledge. Mr. Seals would not say how many of the thousands of Canadian restaurants on DoorDash are on a such a “trial period.” He only said that the majority do have official agreements. He added that DoorDash will remove restaurants that don’t want to be there.

…But for restaurants who are unhappy, it’s unclear what recourse is available. Many of those interviewed by The Globe said it was a challenge getting DoorDash to remove them from the site.

…“To me, it’s a complete violation. There’s lack of respect,” she said. “In what world where you say, ‘No, I don’t want to work with you,’ do you proceed and sign us up anyway?”


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